Plan Your Hardscaping Project This Winter

Outdoor living and entertaining may be the furthest thing from your mind now that the cold weather has arrived in Indiana, but winter is the perfect time to give us a call and start planning your next hardscaping project. If you work out the details beforehand, you’ll be ready to enjoy a new paver patio or outdoor kitchen before next summer’s cookout.

Winter is our slower season, so we can invest more attention to your project during the design and planning phase. We’ll also be able to schedule our initial consultation much quicker than if you wait until warm weather to contact our team.

Now is the perfect time to sit down with our designers for a free consultation. We offer digital imaging software to help you envision what your hardscape project will look like on your property. Our advanced software allows us to take a photo of your home’s exterior and show you exactly which pavers will look best for your walkway or fireplace.

With so many paving stone colors and styles to choose from, you’ll appreciate having extra time to choose the perfect product for your project. If you decide to purchase a custom product, ordering in the winter allows more time for your pavers to arrive. It also gives us more time to work out the details on really intricate designs or complex jobs.

There are some landscaping jobs we can tackle during the winter months, like demolition work and building retaining walls, as long as the ground isn’t soggy or covered in snow.

Call us to determine our availability and schedule ahead. Even if we can’t get started on the physical work, we can formulate a rough budget, evaluate and order materials, finalize a design and develop a plan — and then we’ll be ready to hit the ground running when spring arrives.