Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Trade Sunshine for Nightshine with Cutting Edge Outdoor Lighting Design options

Summer is a time for friends and family to come together and enjoy the freshness of life and in good company and beautiful weather. Whether it’s for a high school graduation, a birthday party, wedding celebration or a backyard barbecue, the best place to spend the summer is outside. Keep the good times rolling even after the sun goes down with outdoor lighting from Cutting Edge Hardscapes. The team at Cutting Edge offers an extensive line of outdoor lighting fixtures and designs to help brighten any nighttime gathering.


Lighted pergolas and awnings

You’re ready to build a beautiful awning or pergola to complete your outdoor space and provide some shade in the hot summer days, but what happens when the sun goes down? Rather than struggling to hold a flashlight over your grill or eating dinner inside on warm summer nights, ask your representative to shed some light on the numerous lighting features that can be built into the infrastructure of the building.


In-wall light fixtures

Who says that swimming is only for the daytime? Add some lights to your stonewall around your pool and get more hours in the water every day. Our stonewall designs can be modified to include light fixtures within the stonework to add a unique element to the wall and provide extra lighting around the space. These lights are typically installed at the top or bottom of the wall to illuminate the ground better when it becomes dark.


Lighted pillars

Don’t let the sunset cut your cookout short, add light fixtures to the top of your Cutting Edge stonewall or pillar to keep the party going through the night. Similar to installing lights within a wall, light fixtures can be built into the top of our stone pillars or walls for more traditional lighting in your outdoor space.


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