Fall Fire Pits and Patio Prep

Much like the kitchen to the interior of a home, the fire pit and patio are the heart of a backyard. They serve as a gathering place, a source of comfort, and a place to make and reminisce about memories. Especially during the fall, patios and fire pits work overtime hosting friends and family.


Proper maintenance of your fire pit and patio throughout the fall season can help ensure everyone stays cozy. During the fall, the air becomes more dry and crisp, which brings an enhanced risk of a fire spreading. If you have not recently had trees around a fire pit pruned, you should consider getting an inspection to avoid blowing ash starting a fire. You should aim to keep about 10ft surrounding the fire pit clear of any yard debris.


If you notice any cracks in your fire pit, have them checked out before your next s’more party. Some cracks are cosmetic, but others might require patching to help provide a more safe and everlasting experience.


Your patio furniture adds to the ambiance of enjoying fall weather. To help keep yourself and guests comfortable for seasons to come, cover all furniture when not in use. During the fall when weather can be especially unpredictable, it’s best to move cushions inside or to storage, rather than just covering them outside.


Finally, be mindful about what you’re burning. Do not burn trash or pressure treated wood, which can release harmful toxins into the air. Also, check out your local burn laws for information about burning leaves. Lastly, try to refrain from using accelerants, which can damage your fire pit and also produce toxins.


If you’re thinking of revamping your patio for next year, now is the time to get in touch with us. Summer projects are made in the winter. We would love to install a new patio or fire pit for you to enjoy.