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Seasonal Landscaping to Enhance Your Hardscape

The holiday season is upon us and this likely means you will entertaining or hosting some houseguests. Therefore, you might want to update your outdoor landscaping to not only accentuate your hardscape, but also welcome your friends and family for the holiday season.

One of the best tips is to embrace the season with your landscaping.

Fall brings an abundance of mums, sunflowers, and leaves. Each one can be used to highlight your hardscape. Garlands of fall leaves provide a subtle but festive accent to outdoor patios. Mums are a great addition to entryways and to showcase special areas like an outdoor kitchen. Sunflowers, along with other fall accents like hay bales can be used to show off different areas in your back or front yard, and also provide seating during parties.

Another fast and seasonal update is the addition of outdoor lighting.

As we all know, it begins to get darker earlier, but often temperatures remain mild after dark. Do not let the sun dictate when you can enjoy your hardscapes. Adding overhead lighting through string lights or installing built-in lighting solutions can provide year-round enjoyment. Spotlights can also be used to accentuate your holiday décor and your hardscape simultaneously.

Finally, a quick seasonal update is to freshen up your landscaping.

This includes removing dead plants and cutting your grass short to prepare for the colder weather. If you haven’t already added a fresh layer of mulch, now is the time because it will provide a layer of frost protection, while also refreshing your yard. This is also the time to start winterizing your hardscape accessories like moving your pots and plants indoors, and storing furniture cushions and covering furniture pieces for protection.


We are happy to help you maintain your hardscape through the fall and winter months. Please contact us with any questions and remember that spring projects are planned in the winter, so it’s never too early to contact us about changes, additions, or updates you want to make.