Winter Weather Strategies to Protect Your Hardscape

Ready or not, winter is coming. That means in addition to decorating for the holidays, attending parties, and shopping, you need to help protect your beautiful hardscape from potential winter weather damage. Just as you try not to go out into the winter weather without proper protection, your hardscape needs this same attention. Here are some quick tips on how to winterize your hardscape so that come spring, it’s ready and waiting for your enjoyment.

Minimize the use of harsh chemicals.

Although the winter weather can cause cracking, separation and buckling of bricks and pavers, stick to calcium-based products and natural rock salts. This will still provide you with deicing solutions but will also help protect your hardscape. However, do not apply rock salts to concrete.For concrete deicing use sodium-free ice melt products. Sand is another great way to protect your hardscape this winter.

Take advantage of warm days.

Try to clean up outside when it’s warm out so that you can rinse off any debris and clean walkways and patios without putting yourself or your hardscape at risk. Plus, letting the weather naturally melt snow and ice is better than chipping away at it. Warmer days are also a good time to lay down a layer of sand or winter protection products. Be sure to pull any and all weeds that have accumulated so that they don’t get bigger and cause cracks and separation in between pavers.

Shovel carefully.

When shoveling is absolutely necessary on your hardscape, stick to a rubber-edged shovel. Shovels with metal blades can scratch or chip your hardscapes. Also try to avoid plowing away snow on top of your pavers or patio to avoid cracking or damaging your investment.

Clear all drains.

During the winter months you’ll want to keep any and all outdoor drains clear and open to avoid letting snow and debris pile up on top of your hardscape.Cutting Edge Hardscapes hopes these tips will ensure your hardscape is looking sharp come springtime. Contact us if you have any questions about winter maintenance. Happy Holidays!