Bring Hygge into Your Outdoor Living Space

Nothing is more “hygge” than an outdoor living space, where you can cozy up with family and friends to relax and enjoy nature in a comfortable setting. Or, find some hygge on your own by curling up to read a good book beside a flickering fire pit as the sun sets.

Hygge was a finalist for the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year in 2016. While there’s no standard English translation for the word, hygge is a long-standing Danish lifestyle concept that commonly refers to creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying it with loved ones to embrace life’s simple pleasures.

Cutting Edge Hardscapes offers a number of options to help you enjoy some hygge in your own backyard.


Outdoor Fireplace is a Hygge Essential

Candles and flames are at the very core of the hygge concept. Install a fire element in your hardscaping so you can entertain guests outside any time of year. From a custom chimney fireplace surrounded by outdoor furniture to a beautiful paver stone fire pit with built-in seating, we offer designs that will complement your style and lifestyle goals.


Cook Up Memories with an Outdoor Kitchen

Add an outdoor kitchen to your patio or poolside so no cook is left behind while everyone’s out enjoying fun in the sun. Just like the kitchen is the heart of any home, bring the stove outside and it instantly brings everyone together. Include a custom stone bar or island so kids and visitors can gather around while you flip burgers on a built-in grill or man the pizza baking in the brick oven.


A Pergola Offers Perfect Hygge Place

Nothing’s better than drinking a few cold drinks and hanging out with friends on a nice patio during the summer. A custom patio is sure to be an inviting place for people to enjoy each other and nature. Include a pergola to provide some comfortable shade during sunny days, as well as a relaxing atmosphere to dine by soft light during the evenings.


No matter what improvements you plan to add to your hardscape this season, any kind of outdoor living space reflects the hygge concept. Contact us for a free consultation so we can create a 3-D rendering and show you just how hygge your home can be.