Combine Hardscape and Softscape for a Perfect Landscape

Well-designed landscaping consists of two different elements: hardscape and softscape.

Hardscaping refers to the solid aspects of your landscape design, such as paver patios and walkways, while softscaping includes natural aspects like plants, trees and flowers.

While we exclusively offer hardscaping services at Cutting Edge, softscaping is definitely something we consider as we design a client’s project. Plants and trees are what bring your outdoor living space alive, so it’s something we plan for when constructing any hardscape.

Here are some tips to help make sure your trees and plants enhance the look of your hardscape.


Planning Your Hardscape Around Trees

Incorporating your established landscaping into your hardscape plan makes the project blend in with the natural environment and look like it was always a part of your yard.

As we evaluate and plan out your hardscaping job, alert us to any valuable trees or perennial plants you want to keep in place and work around. We can build up beautiful circular paver walls to protect trees that are near your planned walkway or patio, so they tie into your new hardscaping. You can even use these bordered areas around trees as flowerbeds for any plants that need to be transplanted to create your hardscape.

For custom walkways, we can curve around old trees and established plants to preserve any softscaping that must stay. This provides you with a natural-looking path through your yard, versus a straight walkway that’s not as visually appealing unless flanked by natural elements.  


Using Hardscaping to Benefit Softscaping

Hardscapes can be designed to drain water in certain areas to help irrigate your flowers and trees. We design our hardscapes to naturally shed water by softly sloping the area, plus paver stones are permeable, so water will disperse to keep your nearby plants alive.

For homeowners with soil that’s not conducive to growing lush landscaping, use hardscaping features like stone walkways, stairs and paver patios to dress up the area. You can strategically place planters around the hardscaping to add some natural greenery, or we can even build some custom planters to coordinate with your pavers. For many hardscaping projects, we incorporate built-in raised flowerbeds where you can accent with flowers and ornamental grasses.


Removing Trees to Create Hardscapes

While we can work around some small ornamental trees and shrubs, oftentimes we must remove trees or transplant those plants to make room for the hardscaping feature you want. You don’t want trees growing too close to your hardscaping or the roots will eventually cause the paving stones to shift and become uneven. We know trees add value to your property, but so will a well-done hardscape.

Strike a perfect balance of soft and hard, new and old, by contacting the experts at Cutting Edge Hardscapes. We’ll work with you to craft the best landscaping plan possible.