How Smart Is Your Outdoor Living Space?

We’ve all embraced the concept of outdoor living by installing grilling stations, refrigerators and ample seating in our outdoor living spaces. Now it’s time to equip yours with smart home technology, like refrigerator-door consoles, LED lights controlled by your mobile app and outdoor ovens that integrate with your Wi-Fi system. Learn the pros and cons of outdoor smart home technology.

Even though summer is ending, Indiana weather still allows for backyard movie nights. Inviting friends and their children over to your own drive-in movie of sorts is all the rage. Some innovative features for projection and sound can enhance your backyard bash simplistically.

If it is a projected movie night you crave, you will need a laptop, Wi-Fi smart projector, a screen, and mobile hotspot (if at an alternative location such as a campsite). The hardest part will not be the setup, but the decision of the movie to watch. Technology is available in the simplest of forms and in the most intricate of forms. The Cutting Edge can help with the decision that best meets your needs. If you have an outdoor enclosure suited for the projection, it can be designed with weathering materials that will endure all of nature’s elements.

Added technology that can enhance the sound can be included as hidden speakers on an awning’s roof or in the landscape surrounding the outdoor entertaining area. This adds a surround-sound effect whether it is merely soft background music while eating or loud explosions from an action movie. It can all be maneuvered by a remote that erases any interruptions.

Using a stone fireplace as an anchor, a smart tv can be placed within the higher-elevated stones for a sleek modern look for outdoor entertaining. Have your pals over for NFL Sundays or invite the grandparents over to view home movies. Whatever the case, outdoor technology is simple.

When it comes to speakers, they cannot nor should not be hidden in all cases. Decorative speaker cases can be disguised as hanging lights and there are light bulbs with Bluetooth capabilities. What a wonderfully technological world we live in, right?

Do you have a pool? How about adding a Crestron UFO, a waterproof remote that features automation control of lighting, sound, colors, and climate, and you can safely leave floating in the pool! How cool is that?

Whatever technological trend you decide to add to your outdoor space, it is sure to not only be a crowd-pleaser but a convenient enhancement to the host as well.