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Want to Embrace Outdoor Living Year-Round?

Labor Day doesn’t need to be the end of your family’s glorious summer. While many Hoosiers begin preparing for fall and winter by draining the pool, packing up the patio furniture and trimming back flowers and hedges at this time of year, we are preparing to enjoy a fabulous fall season. Learn how to stay cozy year-round with a beautifully designed hardscape patio featuring a well-stocked outdoor kitchen and easy-to-use fire pit.


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Cozy Fire-Pits

Sitting around a fire on a crisp fall night is a terrific way to unwind with friends and family. We can build a variety of fire-pits that exude stylistic charm and keep you warm, without the need for a full-scale fireplace. Do you prefer propane? There are several different options and configurations for your backyard gas fire feature, whether that be in the form of a portable fire pit table, a custom masonry fire pit, or even a fire and water feature combination. Do you currently have an existing wood burning fire pit in your backyard that you would like to convert to gas? We can do that too.

Imagine this. Guests sipping beverages and telling stories sitting comfortably around a fire that you can start with a remote. The flames can be ignited at a low or high setting, and can be exhausted in the literal flip of a switch. Advantages for starting a remote fire is that there is barely any mess to clean up and hauling firewood back and forth is only an “I remember when we had to do that” memory.

Safety is of the highest priority, which is why The Cutting Edge ensures the burners are of appropriate size for the flame opening, and that the gauges are properly set for natural gas or propane, and installed by professionals.

All of your designs can be put into place for a relaxing backyard of fiery glow. Whether you prefer a modern look with logs or the ease of a remote-gas fire, The Cutting Edge is ready to fire your design for you.



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Stocking Your Outdoor Kitchen

There are five areas of reference to ponder when stocking your outdoor kitchen. Safety is your number one priority, especially for parents of young children. The second is refrigeration. The last three are somewhat blended together (pun intended) as they all involve liquor.

Securing your outdoor kitchen can prevent children and even some adults from accidents outdoors. Making sure all burners and gas are turned off is important and there are locks available for tanks and accessories. Also, making sure the food is contained in a cool environment so there are no bacteria issues is a point of concern. This leads to the area of refrigeration.

Remember in college when a small fridge was all you needed to house your bologna and cheese? Well, that same concept applies in your outdoor kitchen. Food must be stored in small containers away from outdoor conditions. Beautiful storage areas and shelving can be built around the fridge, with a modern design. The Cutting Edge has many design ideas for extra storage around your outdoor kitchen, keeping safety a top priority.

Let’s talk liquor. Some liquor ages well on shelving, but specific liqueur can spoil instantaneously if left without refrigeration. This is why it is important to have access to refrigeration outside, let alone the convenience of it. Some drinks need a fruity sidekick, so in this case, it would require a quick slicing of the limes or lemons or celery sticks to take your party from drab to fab. It is also wise to place a child lock on the refrigerator between pours or serves, and secure a tougher lock when the guests leave.

The Cutting Edge would love to help Hoosiers with their outdoor party areas and we are only a call away.