Yard Too Small for Landscaping?

No yard is too small for Cutting Edge Hardscapes. Let us show you how to enhance any yard, no matter how small, and gain more functionality and beauty.

Great things come in small packages, right? That is the case, even when it comes to small yards. No yard is too small to have hardscape designs, lighting, walkways, and more. In fact, the addition of pavers results in the space looking bigger than it actually is. Just as light paint can add seeming dimensions to a dark room, hardscape designs can add length, width, and beauty to a rather small space.


Cutting Edge Patios and Pergolas Image

In the above photo, we designed a rather small space with little grassy areas into a peaceful porch. If you have wanted to turn your outdoor space into a guest haven, but have not been sure where to start, let us help you begin. We have many ideas and tricks-of-the-trade, if you will, that can change the entire aura of your space in a relatively short amount of time.

Do you want to keep the grassy areas? No problem. We have ideas for decks that can extend above the garden and offer a wonderful view for morning coffee watching the sunrise. Instead of thinking ground level, you can think varying heights for all seasons. We can install elevated decks or decks at the ground level for your home. Our decks are made of wood and other high-quality materials and stained and sealed. We offer a variety of styles and stains to complement the style of your home.

Whether you have ideas in mind or need our expert advice, we can customize your living area in the amount of time it takes to make pumpkin spice muffins. Ok, maybe a bit longer than that, but you can get the picture.

Don’t delay, call us today. We can’t wait to get to work for you.