How to Protect and Prepare your Hardscape for Winter

Now that you’ve winterized your home by inspecting the HVAC system, and checking doors, windows, and pipes, it’s time to turn your attention to the outdoors. Follow these tips on how to protect and prepare your hardscape for winter.

The weather changed from fall to winter in the time it takes to say Merry Christmas. Now that you have winterized your heating and cooling units and checked all the pipes, it is time to throw on those Carhartts and head outdoors. You will be glad to get this done by December, I promise.

Did you realize that installing a storm door can increase energy efficiency by 45% by sealing drafts and reducing airflow? It is true. At The Cutting Edge, we consider that to be a minor project that makes a major difference and we would be grateful to help you complete this task.

Ventilating storm doors often offer an upper level of ventilation while keeping the aluminum or steel design on the bottom. This is useful when homeowners want more privacy, but don’t need much ventilation. This is a great option for homes in Indiana where the screen can easily be removed in the winter and replaced in the spring. It also adds an extra layer of security, making it harder for intruders to gain access as opposed to a full-length screen storm door.

The next step would be to replace old windows. The vintage look of an old window may be beautiful, but unless you are living in Florida where it is seasonally mild year-round, it is definitely costing you money and warmth. Bear in mind, new windows are not cheap, but the long-term energy and heat savings are sure to make up for that hefty investment.

At The Cutting Edge we can take the caulk into our own hands and find the seals that need fixing up. If it is already too cold for you to wrap up and check those windows and doors, let us do that for you. Cold air tends to make its way through the windows and doors, giving your heating system a much tougher time to do its job. The best way to overcome those frosty breezes is by caulking your windows and doors. Let us help you.

You may not be able to see it, but insulation is your biggest friend when it comes to winterizing your home. Adding new or extra insulation to the walls, attic, roof, ducts, and pipes can make a huge difference in the overall temperature of your home. Adding new insulation is not only cost-effective but a fairly time efficient project too. We can have your house insulated in just a few hours. You say some of your insulation seems to be working fine? We can add extra insulation or repair the old insulation too.

If you have an attic, you might already be aware that its one of the places where your house loses much of the air generated inside. To alleviate this, The Cutting Edge can seal the inside of the frame where the attic door closes so it is not losing heat.

Let’s talk trees. Nothing elevates your landscaping more than your trees. It’s critical to take care of them so they remain healthy for generations. The Cutting Edge can take care of those loved trees for you. Here are some of the things we can do.

Preparation for winter can involve:

Stem Protection: We can wrap the trunks of the trees so animals nor snow and ice won’t wreak havoc on them.

Snow Protection: Heavy snow can break or injure delicate trees like junipers or birch.

Root Protection: Roots don’t go dormant as quickly as the rest of the tree, and can be injured or killed by frost. Mulch your trees with wood chips or straw to help insulate the roots and raise the ground temperature.


Remember those sprinklers the keep the yard so green in the summer? Well, they need protection against harsh weather. If water freezes in your irrigation system, it will break your sprinklers. It’s a delicate operation, but it’s necessary for the longevity of your sprinklers and lawn.

Both air volume and air pressure are critical to the process. If you don’t use enough air, some water will remain in low spots of the system and could still freeze. If you don’t use the right pressure, you could blow the sprinkler nozzles off or cause other damage to your system – and the right pressure varies with the type of pipe your sprinkler system uses. As such a delicate process that can potentially ruin your sprinkler system, leave this tedious procedure to us.

Whatever it is that you are needing, call The Cutting Edge, we will take care of you. Santa will be here before you know it.