Plan Your Spring Get Togethers with Cutting Edge Hardscapes

From pergolas and walkways to water features and pool decks, Cutting Edge Hardscapes can fulfill any New Year’s wish for your outdoor hardscape design. Transform your outdoor living space with our best backyard pavers, fire pits, water features, driveway pavers and more. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Picture in your mind the scene of your best friends, and even that one friend who is “so-so”, attending the greatest spring bash in your new outdoor area. This area has been transformed with the latest technology, the most comfortable arrangement around the fire pit that also transforms to an aquatic display in the warmer seasons. Stylish pavers line the outdoor area leading to a practical outdoor kitchen with a fully-stocked bar. Heck, let’s throw in a dryer outside so no guest will ever have to put on a cold bathing suit again. The reality is, The Cutting Edge can make all those dreams your reality.

Although Christmas is over and we are making 2018 resolutions, it is the perfect time to start making the wish list for spring. There are so many options for an outdoor area, even with eco-friendly products, that all preferences, from simple to exquisitely specific, can be achieved.

Here are a few projects to put on your Cutting Edge wishlist:

Outdoor Areas:

Adding an outdoor room where guests (and those technology-driven gamers we call teenagers) can relax and mingle in the fresh air, can do wonders for a family. Because all the meeting areas in front of the television are cluttered with game boxes and DVR’s, why not make your peaceful escape room an outdoor living room?

Pool Decks:

If your pool deck needs a refresher rather than an entirely new surface, The Cutting Edge  recommends an overlay that literally lays directly on the surface.  For this type of project, the bond should not be poured directly onto an existing concrete surface with showing signs of failure because that could affect the performance of the product. Instead, an unbonded concrete overlay is poured onto the surface. An effective water-repellant can be added into the mix to prevent freezing in the winter. The final process will be stamping a design of your choice into the product to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor Kitchens:

One final component of your new year’s wish list could be adding an outdoor kitchen into your firepit plaza. If you can’t take the heat, take your kitchen outdoors. The Cutting Edge offers a variety of designs to choose from or can custom build your design idea, if you prefer. We offer a wide range (pun intended) of ideas that can complement your other areas of your outdoor space. Get to cookin’.