2018 Hardscape Trends

Check out these upcoming trends for outdoor living spaces for 2018. From living rooms to laundry rooms- there is a space for everyone this year.

One of the newest trends tends to be outdoor living rooms, meaning the comforts of home outside so an outdoor party doesn’t require any inside work. In these outdoor living rooms some customers have optioned for entertainment centers with huge LED TV’s cornering up a bar area with full bar taps and kegs. Other options include game tables and outdoor game centers with heated pergolas.



Another stylish trend for the new year is a small apartment-like area with dishwashers and laundry units tied directly into the sewer lines.



Some are even being built with pitched roofs. These areas are trending popular most likely because the need for nature in our technology-driven world. If we can “trick” our kids to enjoying the outdoors by building an outdoor living room, then so-be-it.

Another trend has become popular because of our need to multi-task. Outdoor fire pits, for example, are being transformed into ponds and aquatic gardens during the summer months and retreated back to the ambiance of a campfire during spring and fall.



Another hot trend in 2018 has to do with materials. Concrete blocks are dependable building materials, but aesthetically they fail to shine. According to HGTV, this is why many homeowners are gravitating toward using manufactured stone products that have the appearance, color and texture of natural stone.



Cast Veneer Stone is a popular favorite for outdoor kitchens, grills and fireplaces.

Bristol Stone is ideal for patios and pool surfaces because it does not heat up like natural stone and retains a soft texture that is comfortable for bare feet. Devonstone has the look of bluestone, slate and limestone; it makes attractive flagging, stairs and walkways.



Water conservation is a hot topic across the US, and for good reason (cough- Detroit). There are many eco-friendly products, such as Eco-Pavers, that allow for rainwater to recharge the ground and and reduce the amount of storm water runoff spilling into the driveways and streets.



Rain collection systems are becoming more popular in 2018. Storm water runoff from hardscape surfaces or roof gutters are being built and attached to allow the runoff to filter into underground collection tanks, which are tied into bigger irrigation systems.



Some other hot topics for hardscapes of 2018 are resurfaced driveways and pool-deck enlargements and designs. These trends are pleasing to the eyes and are a popular trend for homeowners.

Whatever your preference is, The Cutting Edge is here to make it happen. Don’t delay…call us today to put your visionary dream into reality.