Top Six Hardscape Designs

Whether this is your first home and you are ready to revamp a couple areas inside and out, or you are a seasoned homeowner in need of inspiration ideas, we have compiled a list of the top trends for hardscape design to get you motivated.

1. Variety of Rich Colors

The key to this trendy design in homes is to pair warm colors together instead of a contrasting bright color. There are over two hundred variations of the color grey and it seems homes are pairing the lighter shades with the darker shades on the walls to make a soothing, calm living space. The use of deep reds and browns is making a comeback this year, but the earlier decades use of mustard and avocado thankfully have seem to have retired. The use of earthy colors is taking a spotlight as well. Coffee brown paired with black trim makes for a richly traditional feel.

2. Goodbye Stainless Steel , Hello Color

In 2017, the farmhouse design maintained strength throughout the year and it seems to be carrying weight this year too. Homeowners are becoming more personal with their style, and the addition of color to things like sinks and tubs which have been white for decades, are becoming vibrant. Also, stainless steel is being replaced with copper, granite, and even concrete in a variety of dark hues. This detail can become an important part of the room instead of blending in with the other facets.

3. Vintage Lighting

In this era of chaotic technological living and ridiculously busy lives, the trend of lighting to soothe in simple ways is astounding. The trend of taking Aunt Clara’s 1930’s lamp and crafting it with modern technology has taken crafty homeowners by storm. Look around the attic and at grandma’s house for a vintage fixture and create a design that works for a certain part of your house. Lighting adds to the soothing feel to a home that is all the rage this year, so what better way to add light to a once-dim place than to add a vintage-turned-modern light to the room.

4. Bucket Sinks

Changing a drab, ordinary laundry room into a useful, productive area is a trend for 2018. This claim is in tune with the popularity of the farmhouse style design of 2017 that is still alive in 2018. Used commonly in busy laundry rooms and kids’ bathrooms, troughs and bucket sinks can help create a rustic aesthetic and maximize minimal space.Their long narrow design create more room in smaller areas and their low-maintenance quality seem to be popular with new homeowners.

5. Concrete Accents

Concrete has been a design material since Betty White was a baby, but the material is creating a design buzz in 2018. Concrete has always been used for floors and porches and countertops, but now it is becoming the go-to material for home accessories and even furniture. Yes, furniture. Concrete is also becoming popular with lighting, and this durable, versatile material is being used in creative ways inside and outside the house.

6. Outdoor Kitchen Colors

It is no wonder there is a color called “Kitchen White” because of its popularity in kitchens for years. However, the new trend in 2018 is to throw the idea of a white kitchen away and add variations of wood tones and neutral colors to the kitchen design. The use of mahogany is a popular wood color used to add rich elements and striking designs.