Save Energy With Timers for Outdoor Lighting

Imagine your house entrance or on the back porch  where hanging bulbs become luminous every day at sunset. Automatic light switches, whether wall timers, plug-in timers or smartphone-controlled timers, control indoor and outdoor lighting in residential or commercial settings. These light switch timers make life easier by allowing you to program your indoor, pool, and landscaping lights, and even your sprinkler system. Customize your lighting according to a planned schedule, or operate them dusk to dawn with to-the-second accuracy and automatic daylight saving’s adjustments. Astronomical digital timers save you from ever programming your landscape lighting controls again, and they also allow you to get creative. For example, you can play with luminosity in a manner directly connected to the Earth’s rotation and angle.

The Advantage of Automation


Set schedules to automatically turn lights on and off


Use sensors to automatically trigger lights with motion, doors and more


Control multiple lights simultaneously from a single button with powerful scene


Start Expanding Your System

Plug-in Devices

Control plug-in lamps with dimmer and on/off switches

LED Bulbs

Replace the bulbs themselves and add smart LED lighting

Wall Switches

Upgrade your wall switches and control recessed lights, outdoor lighting, and more


Expand Your Control Even Further

Home automation is more than just lighting control; there are nearly limitless possibilities for your control options. Everything from major appliances like your water heater to minuscule things like your child’s night light can be controlled indoors and outdoors.


Connect your thermostat to the internet and you can remotely adjust the temperature from your smartphone 

Fountains & Yard Fixtures

Add sunrise and sunset timers to your hard art and landscape lighting

Sprinklers and Irrigation

Replace your irrigation timer and add rain and weather detection into your watering schedule.


Monitor Your Home

Your home is the center of your life. But despite your best efforts, you can’t keep tabs on everything happening every moment of the day. With sensors spread throughout your home, you’re never more than a glance away from security and peace of mind; put your home at your fingertips with smartphone monitoring.


Open/Close sensors of all types make it easy to monitor doors, both for alert notifications and to automate actions like lighting.

WiFi Cameras

Drop in on your home’s happenings, any time of day, from your smartphone or tablet


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