Pea Gravel Pathways

What I adore about pea gravel is the classic, sleek look. What I despise about pea gravel is when it gets where it shouldn’t and washes away with every heavy rain. Sometimes, it hurts feet and knees because it’s too deep and loose to comfortably walk in. And don’t even mention the local wildlife of neighbor’s outdoor cats, who tend to treat loose mulch, sand, and gravel as their own giant litter box.

However, at The Cutting Edge, we have a construction solution that satisfies both function and aesthetics.

1. To begin, we will get any current mulch or top dressing out of the way. We get down to bare dirt a few inches below where you want the level of your path to be, then tamp it like harshly. This allows the pea gravel to tract together and compact for a smoother walkway, and maintains the design.



2. Next, we will choose some big rough gravel as a foundation for the pea gravel design of your choice. We will choose pointy edges that will interlock, and gravel heavy enough that it’ll stay put during one of our Indiana weather. We will spread it a few inches deep, then tamp once again to ensure a flat surface.



3. Pea gravel can be poured over this layer but to ensure homeowners can rake leaves and branches without worrying about catching a rake tine on the gravel and pulling it up, we top off the tamped gravel with a few inches of decomposed granite.



4. We will check whether your surface is level by spraying with water until it’s soaked and then noticing the low spots where the water pools. This also helps to pack it down.



Once a smooth, hard, flat surface is sufficient, it is time for the pea gravel. It will be raked into a uniform thin layer and tamped once more. Then it will be watered so that all of the dust settles into the crevices


There are a variety of designs to choose from and we can custom design your pathway based on your area. We look forward to hearing from you.

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