7 Ways To Perk Up Your Patio For Spring

Though the weather in Indiana is fairly unpredictable, it’s safe to say that at some point it will be warm enough for the barbecues and pool parties we’ve been desperately waiting for.

Don’t let spring and summer sneak up on you. It’s never too soon to start planning your perfect patio. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to perk up your patio for spring.


1. Glamourize The Garden

Bring the finer elements of indoor life, outdoors. Keep table linens, centerpieces and glassware on hand that fits the color scheme of your furniture and plants. Add some mimosas and your backyard will be your friends’ new favorite brunch place.


Adding a chandelier to your outdoor space instantly elevates the romance of an intimate outdoor dinner. Bonus points if it’s solar powered.



2. Play with Shade

Create an escape from the sun and bugs with a canopy. Because canopies are freestanding, they’re easy to move depending on how you want to use your space. Choose flowy, romantic fabrics to create a whimsical experience or a thick canvas for a more industrial feel.



Pergolas are another, more permanent option for added sun protection during the day and extra lighting at night. They are statement pieces that can be customized to fit any space.

Sun sails have become popular for modern homes with more geometric and industrial designs, but look great on a variety of patios. The sails themselves create design interest while keeping cool underneath.



3. Light it Up

Light can make or break your patio. No one wants to eat dinner with a floodlight blinding them from the side of the house. How you use your patio will determine the type of lighting you need.

If you have a lot of backyard barbecues where friends sprawl into every corner of your patio, string lights will easily fill the whole space without being overbearing.



If your pool flanks your patio, use column lights that create interest and keep guests safe by reflecting off the water.



Fire elements are also a great way to add light and encourage conversation or contemplation. Whether it’s a pit or fireplace, a fire element adds both visual and physical warmth to your patio.


4. Coordinate Flora and Furniture

If your flower beds and potted plants follow a similar color scheme, pick a few colors to inspire your fabric and furniture choices. For this patio, the designer chose green as the staple color and purple and orange as accent colors. Like the plants themselves, green is the most dominant color and the accent accessories drive the visual interest.



5. Control Pests with Pretty Plants

The overwhelming smell of citronella candles can be off-putting to your outdoor dinner guests. Rather than spray, zap or burn them away, incorporate pretty plants that insects hate into your beds, pots or centerpieces.

If you want to deter pesky insects naturally try growing rosemary, marigolds, lemon balm, lavender or citronella plants.



6. Color Punch

If too much color indoors scares you, let yourself go a little more outdoors where color mixing is natural. Even if you keep your patio furniture pretty neutral, there are plenty of places you can add pops of color. Whether it’s a planter wall, mosaic walking stones or accent pillows, don’t be afraid to be a little bright or bold.



7. Cut A Rug

One of the easiest way bring the indoors outside, add color, and create cohesion on a patio is with an outdoor rug. Rugs create dimension and contrast against hardscapes and can be bold without stealing the show. They just have a way of tying everything together, don’t they?