13 Pond Ideas That Will Add Flair To Your Backyard

There is no better way to create the secret garden of your dreams than by adding a pond to your backyard. Sounds of running water and the serenity of swimming koi can make your backyard a magical place to be.

We’ve compiled 13 backyard pond ideas to inspire the construction of your own oasis.


Making Connections

Without sacrificing grass real estate, this design uses a transitional space for the location of their pond. Observable from indoors, it adds a smooth connection between home and nature.

Between Two Worlds

Building this pond into the side of the hill adds visual interest and ties the entertaining area into the surrounding greenery. The small bath attracts birds while the bottom portion is suited for fish and frogs.

Small-Scale Majesty

An ornate water feature, this waterfall makes use of the otherwise unusable slope in the yard. Waterfalls create a naturally soothing sound and the treated blue water gives a sense of serenity.

Geometric Frame

Framing the large flower bed, this squared pond highlights and protects the plants within and creates cohesiveness between man-made and natural design.

Observation Station

Rather than a traditional gazebo placed in the middle of a grassy patch, this observation deck gives you something to look at. Bordered by sturdy natural rock and a large wall, it’s safe for children and serene for adults.

Space Saver

Whether you’re small on space or budget, this wall mounted water feature gives you the sounds of running water without the sprawling design. Adding a small pond in a flower bed is great for those that want to fill the space but don’t boast a green thumb.

Staycation Station

This sprawling pond and cabana require a large space and budget but has a huge payoff. For those that don’t need a large grassy area for outdoor activities, why not replace it with a pond paradise?

The Art Piece

Like most minimalist art, this backyard masterpiece exudes simple grandeur. It may separate two parts of a home or a guest home from the rest of the space.

Above Ground Observatory

Not all ponds have to be dug. This above ground koi pond lets you see a new perspective of the lives of your fish and is observable from outdoor seating areas.

The Secret Garden

Tucked away in a flourishing corner of the yard, this pond feels like a well-kept secret. Hiding the pond by large bushes and plants make it feel like you’ve just stumbled upon something magical.

Rolling Rocks

For those with a rolling yard, a natural rock waterfall accentuates the natural beauty of the earth’s curves.

The Bubbling Centerpiece

Surrounded by lush and colorful water-loving plants, this pond breaks up the monotony of a barrage of green with a bright bubbling blue.

The Baby Bridge

Differences in height in this pond create an adventure for those who cross it. With many perspectives of observation, this pond can be enjoyed from any angle.