Fire Pit

8 Gorgeous Ideas For The Perfect Bonfire Space

The sound of crackling wood, the hum of chatter, the smell of smoke, and the fireflies of light disappearing into the black sky are marks of any great bonfire. Aside from the people you share it with, the setting of your next bonfire could be perfected by the beautiful setting you share it in.


Here are 8 gorgeous ideas for the perfect bonfire space.


1. The Amphitheater

Gone are the days of worrying about running out of chairs. The amphitheater bonfire pit design provides ample seating for everyone. Couples can get close and cozy while friends sit at a comfortable distance.


This long-lasting design doesn’t require you to buy new furniture and can be endlessly refreshed with new pillows, blankets, and plants for each season.


Fire Seating


2. Sunken Smolder


You may think sunken seating is “so seventies.” Think again. Sunken porches and fire pits can add an uber modern flair to a backyard bonfire. This example is chic and cozy with plenty of pillows and place to rest your arm or set your drink behind you.


Fire Pit


3. Sharp and Smoky


Fire, ice, and everything nice. Though it’s not a traditional fire made with wood, these pits feature tempered glass that covers fuels lines turned on by a switch or valve.


If you’re not the outdoorsy type that wants to mess with kindling, this low maintenance option is easy to control and gives a pop of color to play with. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your design, from blue and white to copper and black.


Fire Pit


4. Floating Flames


Though it may look like the set of the Hunger Games, a floating bonfire is definitely not for families with children. But the majesty of flames reflecting off the water is a stunning addition to any backyard soiree, especially when the pool isn’t being used.


These pits can either be installed as a permanent fixture with invisible support, attached to gas lines that run underwater, or free-floating fire burners.


Floating Fire Pit


5. All Natural


Though it’s been done many times before, natural seating is a beautiful way to create a rustic bonfire experience and connect with the outdoors. Stumps used as seating is inexpensive and accessible but still aesthetically pleasing. They can be used in their raw form or be sanded and sealed to avoid splinters and increase their longevity.


Contemporary Patio


To add warmth (visually and physically) and a pop of color, place a rich, woven blanket on each seat.


Fire Pit


6. Pits, Plural


A single hole dug into the ground with rocks around it is a little played out. Rather than a single pit, create a multilayered fire feature with various boulders, gravel, and hot spots. This bonfire mimics the landscape and looks as if it could be naturally occurring (though it totally isn’t).


More points if you have a breathtaking backdrop like this one.


Fire Pit


7. Swing By


Nothing makes you feel like a kid again more than a swing. This pit surrounded by a pergola creates an escape in and of itself. It’s like an adult merry-go-round of great conversation and engagement with the people you’re with.


The string lights make the space warm and inviting, not to mention it can comfortably seat 24 people with the added chairs in the middle. Customization for a bonfire design like this one is endless with paint schemes, pillows, blankets, and greenery.


Fire Pit


8. All Contained


If you’re not a fan of open flames, a contained outdoor fireplace may be more your speed. Though it’s not technically a bonfire, it’s easier for people with children or pets to have a clear delineation for safety.


This fire feature brings the warmth of the indoors, out and is a more formal fire experience. A mix of stones gives this fireplace a rustic but pulled together feel. Make a mark with a monogram, date, word or crest like this one.


Fire Pit