Hardscaping Trends for 2019: Fire Elements, Kitchens and More


Though they may not consider themselves part of the most heavily mythicized generation in recent history, the oldest millennials will be turning 38 this year. Yep, they’re almost 40.

Though student loans and lower wages have kept many millennials far from home ownership, they all seem to agree on one thing: staying home.

In summer 2018, Mintel published a report that found 74 percent of millennials surveyed found a “girls/guys night in” more relaxing (and more fiscally responsible) than going to a bar or restaurant.

For the 37 percent of them that do own homes, that means more money in their pocket to invest in the places they spend the most time. Lucky for us, their backyard seems to be at the top of the priority list.

We went to the hub of all millennial trends, Pinterest, to find the most popular hardscaping trends for 2019.


Minimalistic Outdoor Kitchens/Bars

From the modest to the majestic, outdoor kitchens are a must for the host with the most. Why drive to your local watering hole when you can walk out your back door to your very own?



Minimalist and farmhouse chic design will rage on in 2019. Make sure to add as much reclaimed hardwood, stone, and small accent plants as possible. Don’t forget the beer taps and ball jars.


Au Naturale Fire Elements

Though each stone and shrub is meticulously placed, your fire element should look like an organic continuation of the landscape. Include natural stone, wood, mixed greenery to create an “au naturale” vibe. Mix in a few structural metals to pull it together.



Bohemian Backyard

Create an uber Instagrammable oasis reminiscent of Coachella’s laid-back vibes. Start with a base of white sandstone floors and flower beds filled with succulents. Add a natural wood pergola with latticed bamboo for a year-round cabana.


Reclaimed Wood Anything

Whether for its undeniable charm, rich history, or low cost, reclaimed wood has remained a design trend for a number of years, in and outside the home. From outdoor kitchens, bars, fences, planter boxes, water elements, and fireplaces, reclaimed wood has a place in any modern backyard.



Looking Forward to 2019

There’s no telling what hardscaping trends will emerge at the end of 2019. For now, keep an eye out for more minimalist, bohemian, reclaimed, natural backyards on your Instagram feed (with a self-proclaimed homebody behind the camera)!