Why Winter Is A Great Time To Start Your Hardscaping Project

Winter may seem like a good time to daydream about all of the awesome ways you’ll improve your home once the snow begins to melt. We think it’s the best time to start making those dreams a reality.

It may seem counterintuitive to begin an outdoor project when the elements are working against you. As experienced hardscapers, we can create beautiful spaces despite trying conditions.

Here are a few of the reasons winter is a great time to start your hardscaping project as a homeowner. Leave the rest to us.


Cut Costs

Winter hardscaping costs less. Concrete, stone, wood and other building materials needed to complete your project drop dramatically in demand during the winter months. And so does their cost. If you aren’t also saving on the labor you need for your project (through winter promotions or discounts), you’re sure to save a bundle on the cost of material.


Schedule Easily

Most homeowners wait until the spring to call to schedule their hardscaping projects. Met with full schedules and long lead times, many customers are turned away until the next season or have limited one-on-one time with their contractor.

In the winter, hardscaping companies’ schedules are more flexible and the lead times for materials are shorter. Not only will a winter project get more personalized attention, but the turn around will be much quicker (sans holidays and unsafe weather conditions).


Be Ready For Summer

Your dreams of backyard dinner parties and lounging on your new pool deck can be stifled by unexpected lead times and scheduling conflicts. Starting a hardscape project in the winter is a surefire way to ensure your pergola, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace is ready for those long summer nights.


The Bottom Line

Give your trusted hardscaping company a call as the leaves begin to fall. Don’t get caught in a bottleneck with other homeowners that waited for the sun to shed light on their summer goals. Get started on your hardscaping project this winter.