Protecting Your Hardscaping This Winter

You’ve invested time and money into making the hardscape of your dreams. Now, as snow and ice descend upon Central Indiana, we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips for protecting your hardscape this winter.


Use the right de-icer

It may be tempting to grab the cheapest bag of rock salt and throw it on your pavers but beware. De-icers that use salt or any type of chloride (check the label) can be corrosive to concrete and other stone pavers.

Ask your hardscape professional what they recommend using on your specific application. When in doubt, mix a commercial deicer with sand to lessen the amount of damage to your hardscape. If you want to ensure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage, cover your hardscape with only sand before and after a storm.


Never use a metal shovel

Metal shovels are bad news for all hardscapes. They can chip, scrape, and crack your concrete and pavers. Use a plastic or rubber-tipped shovel or snowblower to clear a path.


Fill the cracks

Before the wily winter weather hits (or in between bouts) call a hardscape professional to fill any cracks that may have developed during the warmer months. The freezing and thawing of water will only make these cracks bigger and often beyond repair.


Seal it up

It’s never a bad idea to call a hardscape professional to seal or reseal your hardscape before winter comes. All sealants have a lifespan and your hardscape may be due for another treatment.


Divert water

Proper water control is crucial for your entire home’s proper function and protection, including your hardscapes. Make sure your gutters, downspouts, and runoffs are diverted away from your hardscapes to prevent water from seeping in cracks and crevices and freezing.