Keep Cozy With These Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Winter may seem like the time to give up on outdoor living. But with a little forethought, you can design a hardscape for year-round outdoor living.

The mark of any great Indiana hardscape design is a fire element that allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s chilly.

Make some hot cocoa, pull on your hats and gloves, and check out some of these awesome outdoor fireplace ideas.


Rustic Chic


This freestanding outdoor fireplace looks like the rest of the farmhouse fell down around it. It adds architectural interest in an otherwise open yard. Its whitewash brick gives it a rustic year-round warmth and the mantle is a great place for seasonal decorations. A raised, rounded hearth can provide extra heated seating as people gather near the crackling fire.


Nature’s Cue


It’s never a bad idea to mimic nature in your hardscape design. Taking cues from the surrounding formations, this boulder fire element uses the power of stone to resonate heat across a large surface area. It’s perfect for large parties to stand and enjoy the view in comfort.


Pillar of Comfort



Open air structures are a perfect place to work in a fire element. Natural wood and stone capture resonant heat to create a cozy escape for you and your guests, even during a light snowfall. Even the wood storage is aesthetically pleasing and functional, holding a season’s worth of wood.


Simple But Effective


A well-thought-out take on the classic firepit, this wood-side pit is designed with warmth in mind. Purposefully constructed with “missing” bricks, this pit allows heat to escape outward toward guests, warming their toes and the floor beneath them.


The Inside, Out


Bringing the warmth of your home outside can sometimes be a challenge, but we managed to do that with this Indiana home. A roof above this fireplace and the stone floor helps to trap heat during the cold winter nights.

Tip: If your space allows, we recommend adding a fire element as close to the original structure as possible. This increases the accessibility and usability when going outdoors is the last thing on your mind.




Building a fireplace wall is an easy way to section off parts of your hardscape for conversation. Walls can block wind and resonate heat while creating separation from street noise, neighbors, or other guests.


Cozy up to an outdoor fireplace this winter

We hope you were inspired to create your own cozy, cold-weather hideout and enjoy your hardscape year-round, despite the weather.