Be Green and Save Green Using Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar power is getting a lot of press in 2019. Many Americans are waking up to the damage other energy sources are doing to our planet. Opportunities to harness the power of the sun are popping up everywhere.

Even if you’re not ready to switch your entire home to a sun-powered sanctuary, there are ways for you to be more green and save more green around the house. It makes sense to start in your outdoor design where sun power can be harvested directly.

Here are a few examples of how the average homeowner can use solar outdoor lighting to illuminate, protect, and beautify their outdoor spaces.


Solar Deck and Patio Lighting

Lighting is everything. A deck or patio that looks beautiful during golden can quickly turn into a poorly lit place once the sun has set. Giant floodlights ruin an ambiance while wimpy string lights can create a hazard.

Countless options for solar deck and patio lighting have hit the market in recent years and they’re only getting better. It is possible to create a safe, easily navigated space with lighting that doesn’t kill the mood.



These solar deck lights from The Lakeside Collection are a great example of solar lights that are easily mounted to deck railings. They highlight the ground and borders of the deck without blinding people. Best of all, they turn on and off with the sun, so there’s no waste of time, money, or effort—just set them and forget them.



Solar lights are an easy way to illuminate steps and other ledges in your hardscape. Anywhere trips and falls occur, solar lighting is the perfect solution. There is no switch to remember to turn off before bed, so you don’t feel guilty over energy wasted over night.


Solar Security Lights

We all like to feel our home is protected when we go to sleep or go on vacation. Motion activated lights have been used for years to prevent criminal activity, but older electric-powered models often inefficient and expensive to operate.

Solar technology has given us the ability to create a stunningly bright light using zero electricity. Sunix’s Motion Sensor Security Lights are a great example of the power of the sun at 450 lumens.


Solar Pathway Lights

Lighting pathways is a great way to help your guests watch their step. Solar pathway lights also highlight a beautiful hardscape design.



With a variety of inground and above ground lighting options, there are endless options for using solar lighting as a design element.

Though they could be considered decorative, some amazingly realistic solar “tiki” torches have hit the market in recent years. Not only do they keep people from getting too close to the edge, there’s no need to fuss with messy, smelly butane.  



Solar Decorative Lights

When a little mood lighting is what you’re looking for, the sun’s got your back. From string lights to edison bulbs to lanterns, you can create almost any atmosphere using decorative solar lights.