Make Your Driveway A Work Of Art: 10 Design Ideas

The words “curb appeal” may evoke images of well-manicured lawns with freshly painted doors. Driveways, however, are an often overlooked opportunity for homeowners to boost curbside charm and functionality.

Using stone pavers, groundcover, and a little imagination you can create a driveway that’s as nice to look at as it is to drive on. Here are 10 driveway design ideas to inspire.



Green Means Go



For homeowners that want to preserve as much greenery as possible, stone pavers can interact with groundcover without eliminating it. This design highlights the natural beauty of the lawn while marking an established driving path.



Secluded Sandstone



Complementing the Tuscan style design of the home, this sandstone driveway looks pulled-together but relaxed. The uniformity of the stone is offset by the different size tiles. The polish is pretty but not too pristine.



On The Grid



Square and modern, this home is complemented by an equally angular driveway. Straight lines mimic those on the garage door and staircase, creating a complete minimalist design.



In The Lines



A product of planning, this driveway looks an organic piece of artwork with flowing lines that seem to follow no pattern at all. It is a nice juxtaposition to the very angular design of the home.






What could have been a boring concrete driveway is now a piece of minimalist art with a simple use of color. The homeowner chose a very prominent detail of the home (the main staircase) and continued it onto the driveway to create a cohesive design.





Use of color and shape in this driveway creates interest while distinctively marking the driving and walking portions of this property.



Trim and Tidy



Another great use of ground cover, this driveway draws the eye with the juxtaposition between the grid of squares and the large cut-in circular flowerbeds.






Muted in color but bold in design, this sunburst driveway creates interest without being to distracting or over-the-top.






This driveway design mockup incorporates the colors of the foliage, roof, and brick of the home to create a design that feels meant for this historical home.






Stones in varying sizes and the deep lush grass creates a whimsical, serendipitous design perfect for this cottage style home.