Enjoy The Views With These Stone Patio Ideas

Spring is just around the corner and backyard barbeques are on the horizon. If wooden decks aren’t for you, stone patios can easily add richness and beauty to your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance way to add interest to your space, here are a few stone patio ideas that will make your backyard the place to be all season long


Rustic Chic


Unevenly cut, natural stone embraces the natural beauty of the surrounding foliage. Allowing moss and groundcover to grow with and through your pavers is a perfect complement for rustic homes like this one.




Stone retaining walls are a perfect way to add architectural interest and separate socialization and play areas. This stone patio is a modern application of tried and true materials.


Ancient Inspiration

Taken from our own gallery, this stone patio is reminiscent of ancient design with a modern flair. It allows for wide sweeping views but creates a sense of privacy.


Make Waves


If space is limited in your backyard, a stone patio running the length of your home may be a good option. This patio is naturally sectioned off by it’s waved design.


Simple and Sweet


Stone patios don’t have to be big and sprawling to be beautiful. Small, simple patios like this create a sense of peace and wonder by interacting with the natural foliage around them.


Circle Up


Encourage conversation with a rounded stone patio that subtly surrounds people around a single point.


Level Out


Natural stone can create a cohesive look that is easy to maintain and lasts a lifetime. From the main platform to the staircase to the fire pit, this design celebrates the beauty of stone in a variety of functional applications.


Uber Modern


Though stone can evoke very earthy and rustic vibes, it can also be used in modem, minimalistic design to create a streamlined, manicured aesthetic.



Grass or groundcover is often used in hardscape design to separate rather than integrate. In this design, grass is used between the pavers as an artistic choice to mingle the entertainment area with the rest of the lawn.