9 Unique Ways To Incorporate Water Into Your Hardscape Design

In Indiana where pools can only be used 4-6 months out of the year, many homeowners are opting to forgo the chlorine and get more creative with their water features. Instead of the classic cherub-laden fountain, get inspired by these 9 unique water features for your dream backyard.

Big Ol’ Bowl


It seems as if everything was built around this serendipitous cistern that constantly dumps a soothing cycle of water into a natural pond. It provides the naturescape with a “found object” vibe.

Magic Dragon


If a bubbling fountain is too traditional for your taste, keep your eye out for something more peculiar. This dragon fountain is worked into the surrounding landscape so perfectly, it’s as if it has a mind of its own, emerging only when it pleases.

Commanding Courtyard


Complete a courtyard with a tiered pool that makes an otherwise lifeless patch of grass into a grand centerpiece.

Falling Into Place


If you’re short on horizontal space, a vertical rain curtain provides the soothing sounds of falling water without the sprawl. Light it up at night for a show only nature can provide.

Make A Splash

Cutting Edge Hardscapes

Kids and pets will rave over a splash pad that doesn’t require a hose or an oscillating sprinkler. Adults can enjoy the pitter patter of water on the pavement without worrying about deep dangerous pools.

Simple Centerpiece


A quaint planter/fountain combo is great for small spaces that are looking to add richness and interest without sacrificing too much real estate.

Organic Birdbaths


No water source is needed for these natural stone birdbaths. Attract feathered friends with as little maintenance as you can expect from a water feature.

Zen Out


The feng shui of this Asian-inspired river feature is spot on. It isn’t obtrusive or in the way. It makes a simple statement and is safe for children and animals.

Modern Moat


If a pool is too much maintenance, flank your home with a small pond to offer the wonder of water without the upkeep. Add some greenery with natural water plants and lilypads.