Insect Control In Your Backyard

Come rain or come shine, having a bug-free backyard is an important part of keeping our home family- and guest-friendly. Especially if you have children.

There are certain time-tested ways to keep your backyard insect-free that are never a bad idea to implement. Even if you have a small backyard space, or just a small patio. Unfortunately, not all homeowners put a great deal of dedication into this aspect of house-living, and backyards become insect-ridden and impossible to serve as a good outdoor space.

Below, we compiled a list of steps you should take to keep those pesky pests away from your outdoor space.

#1 Tidy Up

Sounds simple and straight to the point — because it is. But allowing for bushes and weeds to overgrow will provide the perfect habitat for a variety of insects, and some that can even be somewhat dangerous to your family and pets.

Making sure that your landscaping is tidy and that growing bushes are trimmed will help to prevent future headaches.

#2 Keep It Clean

When thinking of ways to keep pests away from your back and front yards, remember that keeping the patio clean is a sure way to achieving that goal.

Sweep up any spills or crumbs, and make sure to keep a routine that allows for regular cleaning sessions outside.

#3 Change Your Outdoor Lighting

By changing white bulbs with yellow bulbs or other lights that use vapor for instance may also help to keep bugs off your property.

That’s because the orange glow isn’t as appealing to insects as white lights.

#4 Keep Trash Cans Out Of The Way

It is no secret: trash is an attractant to flies, ants, and other insects.

In order to make sure your yard spaces are not appealing to these pests, the best way to go about it is to keep all trash and recycling cans are covered. Also, keep them away from your entertaining hotspots.

After the weekly trash pickup, also consider cleaning the trash containers before putting them away.

#5 Plant Bug-Deterrent Plants

Herbs such as garlic and rosemary are known to repel biting insects. Other plants such as chrysanthemum, lemongrass, lavender, and marigold, are also great to discourage the concentration of other types of insects, while keeping your garden and yard smelling fresh all year round.

Additionally, you will always have fresh herbs to use in your cooking at hand!

#6 Light Up The Citronella

Believe it or not, but citronella is one of the most potent and time-tested insect repellents in the market. And what’s best, it isn’t toxic and smells great.

Luckily, citronella comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you choose to use incense, torches, or candles, citronella will always be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Especially during parties, cookouts, or warm nights out.

#7 Keep Your Grass Trimmed

Routine grass mowing and upkeep is part of keeping both the back and front yard clear of pests all year long. But that requires a great deal of dedication, as grass must be between 3 and 4 inches, and must be watered correctly and thoroughly. That will prevent insects from taking over.

If you don’t have the time to take care of your yard on your own, make sure to hire a professional. This is a necessary job that not only will help you to keep your home’s curb appeal but that will also keep your yard insect-free.

#8 Use Homemade Mosquito Traps

A quick Google search will turn up countless ways one should go about making a homemade mosquito trap. The most common way, however, involves a two-liter plastic bottle, scissors, packing tape, water, and sugar.

With these five easy-to-come-by materials, you can catch a lot of mosquitoes and keep your backyard completely free from these biting (and potentially dangerous) monsters.