How Pergolas Add Value to Your Property

At the start of any renovation, it’s wise to look at the cost of completing it and the amount of value it will add to your home. While a pergola installation is one of the less expensive hardscape additions, it’s still important to know what kind of value it will add to your home, if any. Pergolas are beautiful additions to a home because it effectively gives you more “living space” outdoors. It’ similar to adding a patio or gazebo to serve as an outdoor living room. But is it worth the investment? In short, yes. With the rise in homeowner’s desire for outdoor entertaining space, there is no better time to update your backyard by installing a pergola. It makes a lovely focal point in any backyard or garden space and is one project that is easy on the budget. If you’re looking for small renovations that can add big value to your property, then a pergola could be just the thing!

Before any work begins on your property, it’s suggested to check with the appropriate authorities and look into your state’s permit requirements. Pergolas are open structures with an open covering that is not considered a complete roof. They do not alter your home’s structure and are usually located in the back or side yard, with front yard versions that are smaller and placed over a front entrance gate. Therefore, a pergola does not usually require a building permit. However, it is much more likely if you live in an area governed by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) that you will need to get clearance to build a pergola. HOA rules frequently restrict things like setbacks from a fence or structure and they are very particular about protecting the surrounding property owner’s views. To ease the process of speaking with your public official or HOA, you’ll want to be prepared with your pergola plans. This means you should have your design, materials, measurements, location, etc. chosen ahead of time. Have the proper documentation and even pictures with you to show. The more clear you are about what the pergola will look like, the better they will understand.

A well-built, long-lasting pergola can be a big investment, so it’s natural to wonder if it will hold its value. Fortunately, from our experience, a well-built pergola can certainly add value to almost any home. A quality pergola boosts your home’s value in two ways: firstly, from a financial perspective, the more money you invest in your home, the more money you can get back from selling it. This holds true whether you build an outdoor oasis or simply upgrade your kitchen with subway tile. The second reason that a pergola boosts your home’s value is that outdoor living is incredibly popular right now. Buyers are going to be willing to pay top dollar for homes that already have attractive, well-designed spaces for outdoor living. After all, you love the shade, style, and sophistication of a pergola — and a potential future buyer will too.

Adding a pergola to any outdoor space has never been easier with the range of pergola kits on the market. Even if you have a professional install your pergola, choosing a kit will help ensure your backyard vision turns out exactly how you’re picturing it! If you’re looking to add a pergola to an existing structure, such as a patio, it’s wise to involve experienced builders for that kind of renovation to avoid unnecessary damage and more work on your end. This will also give you more customization options, and typically higher quality materials, to ensure your pergola is tailored to your entertaining needs!