Create a Winter Wonderland with These 10 Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, you may already be well on your way to having a completed winter wonderland for the holiday season. If you waited until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating, consider incorporating some of these design tips to complete your outdoor Christmas decor and create an inviting home for all your gatherings this holiday season.

1. The Wreath

With so many accents and ways to decorate this simple yet festive piece, the wreath you choose for your front door can be as unique as the family inside. If you can’t find the perfect wreath this holiday season, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and decorate one yourself! Your local craft store should have everything you need to create the perfect statement piece for your home this season.

2. Lights, lights, and more lights

Arguably the most important item in Christmas decorating, besides the tree of course! From colored bulbs to icicle lights don’t be afraid to combine different styles to create a fun and unique mix of colors and styles. There can never be too many lights, so don’t be afraid to go all out and light up the whole block! 

3. Customized seasonal garden flag

One fun way to help your home stand out this year is by purchasing a customized garden flag like this one featured on Groupon. You can choose the perfect design to represent your decorating style or even upload that Christmas card photo to share with the whole neighborhood.

4. Lawn decorations

From inflatable characters to elegant wooden sculptures you’ll be sure to find a centerpiece for the front yard that the whole family can enjoy. You can pick these up at your local hardware store or have them delivered straight to your door.

5. Garland

This classic decoration will never go out of style when it comes to decorating for the holidays. From the mantle to the mailbox, it’s a simple yet effective way to make even the most mundane items a part of your Christmas wonderland.

6. Ribbons and Bows

Silver and gold? Ribbons and bows! From burlap to silk and even felt, bows and ribbons come in an array of styles and textures so no matter the pallet for your decorating this year you can be sure to find the perfect finishing touches that work for your space. 

7. Christmas projections

Innovations in decorating has led to a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays. If your looking to simplify decorating this year, or go over the top and add these to your bountiful array of lights already draping your home, there’s bound to be a projection light on the market that you’ll be dying to get your hands on. A great option that is also cost-effective is this set of two Holiday projection lights by Blisslights that even comes with a remote control!

8. Walkways

Don’t overlook even the smallest of details this year and pick up some ground steaks with figures or lights to brighten up the walkways leading to your home. Some whimsical decorative candy canes make for a fun touch and a great landing strip for Santa’s sleigh this year! Take this detail one step farther by ending your walkway with a decorative doormat.

9. Decorate trees

So you’ve decorated your Christmas tree for all of your family and guests to enjoy this year, but why stop there? Stringing some lights in trees around your home is a sure way to bring joy to all who drive by and may even inspire the block to do some decorating of their own.

10. Frosted windows

It doesn’t ever quite feel like Christmas without the snow! Why wait with our fingers crossed when we can have the beautifully frosted windows without the wet socks that come with snowfall. You can pick up snow in a can from nearly every craft store in the country this year and do a little frosting of your own.