The Importance of Protecting Your Hardscape This Winter

Salt, snow, and water damage are all things that will affect your beautiful hardscaping this winter. Those installations you made in the summer will begin to deteriorate, causing you more headaches this coming spring. Here are three reasons ways you should protect your hardscape this year, and three ways to do it. 

Refrain from using metals

Metal shovels may seem like your best friend when it comes to scraping off your hardscaping this winter. After all, nothing breaks a layer of ice better than a big piece of metal. However, be cautious while doing so. You may be better off using a plastic shovel instead. 

Metal shovels have a tendency of being too rough. Not only will they scratch up your hardscaping, but they can cause a break in the sealant. Once that layer of sealant breaks, your hardscape is instantly prone to water, salt and snow damages. Next time you need to shovel your hardscape, consider reaching for the plastic shovel instead. The plastic shovel is much less abrasive but will still get the job done. 

Seal your hardscape 

While we are on the topic, let’s talk more about the sealant. Sealants are great to protect driveways, pavers and really, any form of concrete. When salt is poured directly on rock, it slowly starts to erode the rock. A sealant will place a protective barrier over the pavement to keep it from being harmed by salt or even UV rays. 

If you can store it, do it.

If any part of your hardscaping can feasibly be stored, that is ultimately the best thing to do. Even sealants will wear down over time and need to be re-done. If items are able to be stored or covered instead, they won’t be exposed at all to the harsh effects of salt and snow. Not to mention, that’s way less work for you in the long-run. Honestly, it’s a win-win.

There are also several different covers you can purchase for things you can’t store, like your outdoor kitchen. At the very least, these covers will keep snow and puddles from piling up on your beautiful hardscaping installations. 

If you need help storing or protecting your hardscaping during these bleak months, reach out to a representative today. We will make sure to get you on the right path to keeping your hardscape looking beautiful.