How to Clean and Maintain Your Hardscaping All Year

Hardscaping is a beautiful and intricate way to make your backyard cozy, warm and inviting. However, it does take some maintenance. We have compiled a list of ways to keep your hardscaping clean and fresh looking so you don’t have to pay hefty maintenance fees all the time. 

Sweeping away the dirt

One of the most common and easiest ways to keep your hardscaping clean is to simply make sure that you are keeping up on sweeping it regularly. Dirt and debris will easily pile up on your walkways and patios. Especially as the seasons start to change and you are using your outdoor living spaces less frequently. Don’t let the changing temperatures make you stop cleaning though. 

In the autumn, rotting leaves can cause stains and mold to accumulate on your beautiful pavers. This will cause a lot more headaches later when you have to remove the stains. If you just begin with sweeping your hardscaping frequently, you won’t have to worry about the stains in the future. 


We’ve said it before and we will say it again 100 times. There is no better way to keep your hardscaping clean and happy than applying a sealant after the hardscape is installed. These sealants create an instant barrier between the stone and the outside elements. This will prevent salt erosion that would otherwise be sure to happen. 

Checking for loose sand and dirt

It’s not uncommon for loose debris such as sand or dirt to get in the crevices of your hardscaping. Do your best to clean those out when you are able. These debris are capable of causing more erosion.

In addition to normal sand and dirt, you may find polymeric jointing sand loose in your hardscaping. If this is the case, promptly remove to keep weeds from growing. Then, re-sand and seal your hardscaping. This loose sand means that the panels may no longer be bonded together. 

Pull those weeds

Weeds are a pain for everybody, but when they start to grow through your hardscaping, it’s time to start pulling them out. Weeds can instantly make a nice hardscaped lawn look like it hasn’t been taken care of. Not to mention, they spread quickly and relentlessly. Catch them early before they begin to take over and become overwhelming to remove. 

If you need help or more tips on keeping your hardscaping looking fresh and clean, contact us today! We are excited to help you make sure your hardscaping is the one you have always dreamed of.