Gorgeous Hardscaping Trends for 2020: Updates to keep your yard looking fresh

Every year, hardscaping gets more and more popular. This year, hardscaping will take off quicker than ever before. For home-owners, flippers, and landlords, hardscaping instantly makes an outdoor space appear more attractive. Not to mention, it creates an ideal area for families to create memories together all year long. Check out these hardscaping trends for 2020. Reach out to us if you are ready to implement one in your yard. We can’t wait to give you your dream backyard.

Fire Features

Is anything better than a warm fire? Summer nights with marshmallows, brisk fall nights with ghost stories, fire features are the hub of so many social gatherings. Why not put that feature right in your backyard? There are various different ways you can implement fire into your hardscaping. This includes fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls, fire columns, and fire tables.

Each of these fire fixtures will give your yard a different look, but will still serve a similar purpose and look great. There’s definitely something to fit every backyard style. 

Intricate geometric patterns

Minimalism is always on-trend, but geometric patterns have been coming back and they may be here to stay. Geometric patterns in your yard are a great way to add a flare to something like a walkway that may otherwise be boring. 

Straight lines form crisp geometric shapes that give a clean look to any hardscaping project. While curved lines may give off more of an ornate, Victorian feel, the geometric lines and shapes are very modern and belong in 2020.


Ever heard of controlling your hardscape with your smartphone? Of course, in 2020, everything is controlled by app. Your hardscape is no different. Apps everywhere make it easy to control features of your backyard including lighting. Your smartphone now makes it possible to change the colors, dimness, and timing of the lights installed all over your hardscape.  

Are you ready to take the next steps and create a timeless 2020 hardscape? Please reach out to us so we can make all of your hardscape dreams come true this spring. It’s never too early to start planning!