Be Green and Save Green Using Solar Backyard Lighting

The benefits of solar-powered backyard lighting are threefold: they’re better for the environment, they’ll save you money, and they look great; making them the perfect addition to your backyard hardscapes. Solar lighting will help you transition from those sunny days lounging on your patio right into a summer evening by your fire element, surrounding you in an amber glow that illuminates the elegance of your backyard. If you’ve been thinking about incorporating lighting fixtures into your hardscapes, or making the switch from your current lights to a more environmentally-conscious option, read on to learn why we think solar lighting is the right fit for every home.

From multi-level masterpieces to cozy backyard escapes, solar-powered lights are a perfect fit for every home. With varying designs and price points, we’ll help you find the right match for your home! Solar lights operate without electricity, since they create their power, making them a breeze to incorporate into any design flawlessly. Each light has a photovoltaic cell that soaks up the sun’s rays during the day and converts it into power. The battery stores the power, and the LED (light-emitting diode) bulb turns on when the internal sensor detects that darkness has fallen and your yard is ready to be illuminated. Depending on the manufacturer, it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of sunlight for the battery to fully charge, with a full charge generally providing light for up to eight hours. 

It’s no surprise that solar power has become increasingly popular as a renewable form of energy, as its price became affordable to a much wider market and the only expense being the purchase of the lights themselves. After they’re up and running, solar lights are self-powered, self-regulating, and won’t add to utility bills! While prices vary depending on design, many lights are inexpensive, making most solar lights worth their affordable price point. They are frill-free, but their budget-friendly price makes them a good buy.