Make Your Yard A Multi-Level Masterpiece with Decorative Walls & Stairs

Decorative retaining walls and staircases can transform a simple space into a tiered terrace. Retaining walls may work to manage runoff and soil but can also provide privacy, ease of movement, and section off specific areas. Large hills can be divided into layers to create architectural interest and add majesty to an otherwise simple slope. Though retaining walls take away from grassy real estate, they can make yards appear larger and more functional. Tiered wall designs are also great for keeping kids play areas separated from areas used for entertaining.

Decorative walls are a perfect way to add extra seating for backyard barbeques and conversations around the fire. With a few simple outdoor pillows and cushions, walls become beautiful benches. Depending on their height, retaining walls can also be used as tables or buffets. If you need a little privacy, retaining walls can help separate you from the rest of the crowd. Make your wall into a planter to create even more height and a natural division of space. Curved walls create intimacy and a feeling of closeness.

Before Building:


  • Check with community guidelines to see if building your retaining wall will require any permits
  • Call DigSafe before any digging 


  • Build near invasive tree or plant root systems



  • Inspect Drains And Battering Each Spring
  • Remove any weeds surrounding or growing up onto your wall
  • Inspect the surface behind your wall for low spots


  • Powerwash your stones
  • Use chemical deicing salts on your wall

Well-built retaining walls transform unworkable inclines into usable outdoor space by reducing soil erosion, turning steep slopes into terraced backdrops, creating focal points in the landscape. If you’re tired of the hard-to-maintain slope near your home or business, it may be time to transform your outdoor space with a beautiful retaining wall. Our walls and stairs are made of high-quality bricks, stones, and pavers and can be customized to fit the style of your home. Check out these beautiful projects we’ve completed and start dreaming up the perfect design for your own space! Want expert help? Contact us today so we can get started!