Our Favorite Softscaping Tricks

Before we get into some truly swoon-worthy softscape, let’s look at the difference between hard and soft scape and how these two work together! Softscape refers to the live horticultural elements of a landscape, from the beautifully trimmed hedges and precariously placed flowers to pesky weed management and the dreaded task of mowing the lawn. A well-designed landscape will incorporate a balance between the two elements, using them to not only compliment but to elevate the other! 

Incorporate Wildlife-friendly Elements

Native Indiana plants are best suited for the soil and weather conditions in our area. As a result, native plants require less fertilizer, fewer pesticides, and less water. Choosing flora and fauna that is native to the area will not only ensure a thriving softscape, it will assist your local wildlife and create an eco-friendly space you’ll be proud to have. Consider adding bird, bat, or even butterfly houses to further your positive impact on the environment!

Everchanging Softscape

Because softscape is a living element in your yard, this means it will always be in a state of change, whether that be growth- or the alternative. This not only allows for a more interesting and engaging space but will also present opportunities for change and redesign if you do find yourself getting bored with your landscape. The fact is, the softscaping combinations are truly limitless.

Get Creative

Designing your softscape is an opportunity for you to take creative risks with your space and really go crazy with your favorite combinations, after all, have you ever seen an ugly garden? Creating a thriving garden can even be a family affair! Getting young ones involved in the planning and execution of your flower beds and gardens is not only a great educational tool but a bonding experience as well. Flowers and plants around your home are much more likely to increase your curb appeal than they are to lower it!

Plan Ahead

The best time to think about what kind of softscaping techniques and styles you’d like to utilize for your personal oasis is when you are having the more permanent aspects of your yard, the hardscapes, designed and installed! By having a clear idea of what you’d like the finished space to look like, you can incorporate complementary elements into your initial design. Need help with planning? Simply call and schedule an appointment for your personal consultation about your outdoor living area potential and options. Our consultants will help you design your new outdoor living area within your budget and tastes!