Getting Your Hardscape Ready for Summer

With summer peeking its head out every few days, it’s no surprise we’re all itching for warm weather and all the time spent under the sun. Throw those furniture covers back on their shelf, roll out the grill, and let’s get our hardscapes ready for summer!

Backyard clean up

The first clean up of the year allows you to see your yard as a blank canvas and envision what your ideal summer will look like this year. Start with trimming the lawn and power washing all siding, as well as any surfaces or structures looking a touch lackluster. Pull weeds, lay seed, or hire a local crew for your yard cleanup! This is also a great time to clean the gutters one last time before the fall. Once you’re left with your clean slate of a backyard, it’s time to get to work on the transformation!

Complete necessary repairs

Restoring your space to its former glory is the first step in preparing your hardscapes for summer! Harsh weather through the winter and early spring can take a toll on your hardscaping, causing damage that requires repair or, in some cases, replacement.

Patios and decks

Let’s start with the first thing you see when you step out back, your patio or deck. Wood decks may require painting or staining, and wood pieces often need replacing. Poured concrete patios can crack, split and pit over time, which can turn quickly into expensive fixes. Paver patios have a reputation for being low maintenance. If a section or individual paver sustains damage, it’s simple enough to replace it with a brand new one. If you’re replacing, repairing, or simply taking your power washer for a spin this is a great place to start.


Whether your yard is ornamented with a climbing vine-covered gazebo or a playset fit for tiny kings and queens (or both!), always give your structures a once over to ensure they’re safe for use this season. Inclimate weather and use can cause structures to weaken and hardware to loosen overtime, checking these structures before using this year will ensure a safe environment for all your fun this summer. If your hardscapes are in need of resuscitation schedule a free consultation with your experts in hardscaping.


No landscape is complete without the addition of some awe-inspiring horticultural elements (softscape) to compliment your beautifully crafted hardscape. From fresh mulch to flower beds, now is the time to get creative and incorporate your favorite natural elements into your outdoor living space. If you’re lacking inspiration for your space, check out Pinterest for design ideas or consult an expert at your local gardening center so you can kick back and enjoy your newly curated backyard. Remember, planting indigenous plants is not only good for your backyard, but it’s also good for local water sources and wildlife!


Now is the time to add some personality and comfort to your space. The addition of area rugs, throw pillows, and ambient lighting goes a long way when working to elevate your outdoor area! Design your space with comfort and living in mind to draw guests and family members to your backyard oasis effortlessly. Incorporating bright colors is sure to inspire a cheery and bright feel to our warmer months, and remember to have fun doing it!