10 Ways to Cool Down This Summer

As the temperature starts to rise, ways to cool down become a necessity as outdoor activities become the norm during summer months. Whether you are on a budget or want to do some major backyard renovations, we have 10 ways to cool you down this summer. No matter if pergolas or water fixtures are more your style, we hope there is something in this list that will help you keep cool all summer long.

1. Screen In Patio

If you find yourself spending more time on your patio than indoors during the dog days of summer, it may be time you screen it in entirely. If you aren’t committed to having a screened-in patio 365 days a year, there are a variety of retractable or roll-down options for you to choose from! Another option for keeping cool air in is with patio curtains which will add a soft feel to your patio and capture some of the air conditioning as people go in and out of doors.

2. Pergola

Not only do pergolas raise your property value, but they’re also a great way to add shade to your existing outdoor space. Cover rungs with ivy (non-invasive of course!) or other climbing vines to create beautiful, natural shade.

3. Awning

Those in the midwest know that while awnings and umbrellas are life-savers in the summer, they can be ruined (or carried away) in the off-seasons. Installing an all-weather or retractable awning will give you the freedom to use your awning as needed without having to deal with the set-up and tear-down of your most awkward garage resident.

4. Misters

Arguably the longest line at the amusement park in July, the mighty mister. Luckily advancements in misting systems have made it possible for you to incorporate a misting system right into your outdoor gathering spot. Ranging in price based on the model and misting ability, you can take home your most basic model for as little as 10 dollars making this our most budget-friendly cool down method.

5. Pool

The ultimate backyard upgrade and stay-cool insurance is adding a pool to your space. Although Indiana weather only allows for a pool to be used 4-6 months out of the year, some would deem it an absolute necessity for the summer months. Crowded and under-maintained public pools will be a distant memory when you’re relaxing in your own inground or above-ground pool! Looking for more of an upgraded-kiddie-pool addition to your space? Check out this summer trend of using a stock tank as a stand-in for an above ground pool. It’s an inexpensive option if you’re willing to put in some time and elbow grease. Some people even convert their stock tanks into hot-tubs.

6. Water Feature

Kids and pets alike will love their new splash pad and you’ll love that it doesn’t require a hose or an oscillating sprinkler. Adults can enjoy the pitter-patter of water on the pavement without worrying about the dangers associated with pools. If a splash pad isn’t your style, consider adding a simple waterfall piece or even the classic water fixture- a birdbath. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate water into your space, you’ll be happy you did.

7. Bright cover

Bright covers are patio awnings that transmit natural sunlight but protect the covered area, including those under it, from harmful UV and solar rays. Bright covers are especially appealing because of their translucent panels. Now, you can relax outside without the hassle of struggling to open a big umbrella and tilting it to just the right angle without wearing a hat or visor. If you’re having trouble visualizing a bright cover, check out our gallery. Ask about adding a fan to your bright cover for added relief from the heat this summer.

8. Accessorize

The addition of an outdoor rug to a surface exposed to the relentless summer sun will not only protect your unsuspecting bare feet but add a layer of comfort and style to your yard.

9. Go green

A simple and eco-friendly way to stay cool this summer is by upping your plant game! Plants effectively absorb heat outdoors and shield your entrance from light and heat when positioned near windows. This tip is not only good for you, but it’s also great for the environment.

10. Consider your placement

Lighting a fire during the hottest part of the year may sound unappealing at first, but don’t give up on creating the desired look and ambiance of your outdoor space just yet. A simple way to keep cool while keeping your fire pit roaring is by setting up seating further away from the heat. Likewise, keep the cooking and grilling away from gathering areas to help stay cool. Utilize any available shade to place the furniture for protection from harmful UV and the sun’s heat.