How to Make Your Backyard More Family Friendly

A backyard can be one of the most magical places for families to share. Customized to what you and your family like to do, your yard can be a haven for grilling delicious meals, lush grass surrounded by vibrant flowers can provide a perfect backdrop for playing, summertime umbrellas can provide respite from the sun on hot days, and comfy lounge chairs are the perfect place to gather after a long day. 

While there’s no end to the enjoyment your backyard can provide, it can also be a gateway to a handful of dangers for your kids—especially if they’re very young. To ensure your family can enjoy the outdoors without worry or potential harm, follow these helpful suggestions to make your yard more family friendly. 

Put up a fence 

Not only are fences aesthetically pleasing, they can provide a safe barrier for your family and the rest of the world. Keep your kids safe from traffic, neighborhood  pets, strangers, and cyclists while still allowing them to explore the outdoors. 

Install a built-in kitchen

We know you have a lovely one indoors, however, outdoor kitchens can help reduce the risk of potential accidents and allow you to keep an eye on your children without having to run in and out of the house every time you need a beverage or food for the grill. Instead of having multiple coolers, which can be tipped over or fall on small children, an outdoor refrigerator or mini fridge will keep drinks cool and make your yard safer. 

Additionally, you can store gas tanks for your grill in safe, child-proof cabinets to ensure these potentially dangerous tools are out of sight, keeping your kids out of harm’s way. 

Be intentional about plants 

Having a garden with all the colors of the rainbow is beautiful, but be sure you choose plants that aren’t poisonous when consumed or ones with large thorns (sorry, roses). This will make it easier to have your children play outside and reduce worry regarding accidents. 

Here is a list of some common domestic plants that are poisonous

Child proof your tools 

Purchase an outdoor storage container or invest in building a shed to house all your yard and gardening tools, mowers, weed sprays, and grilling supplies. This ensures small children won’t get into harmful chemicals, cut themselves on sharp objects, or accidentally ingest a dangerous solution. 

Put a fence inside the fence 

If you have a pool, inground hot tub, or large fountain, put up a fence to help keep children out of the water when you’re not around. This will prevent potential drowning, slips, and falls. 

Make a place just for kids

Kids want to spend time outside, especially when the weather is nice. Giving your kids a special area that’s just for them can help keep their attention on the safer areas of your yard. Build them a small garden, segment off a space for a sandbox, or create an outdoor craft area so kids can paint and play (it’s safe and you won’t have to worry about messes to clean up). 

Be picky about playgrounds 

Playground equipment is a fun addition to any backyard where kids like to play—but it can be very dangerous without supervision. Instead of choosing tall, intricate sets with swings or monkey bars, where kids can fall, pick out low playsets made of plastic to reduce the likelihood of slips, splinters, or broken limbs. 

Spending time outside is a great way for kids to explore, play, and enjoy all nature has to offer, even from the comforts of your backyard. If you need any assistance safeguarding your yard, give us a call—we’re here to help.