Don’t Think Twice: Why Winter Is the Best Time to Build

Winter makes almost everything harder. Walking, driving, biking, getting out of bed—but the one thing that’s always easier in the cold is building your backyard hardscape. We know, it doesn’t sound like this would be the case, however, there are numerous advantages to working throughout the winter to get your yard ready for spring. 

If you have big plans for your yard, here are a few reasons you should choose winter to execute them.

Less Damage to Your Existing Work 

Creating the yard you want can be costly. From grass to gardens to the plants you choose, it can be expensive to get your yard where you want it—so why destroy all that work when building your hardscape if you don’t have to? 

During the winter months, the ground freezes over, which protects plants and grass from the damage machinery and footsteps cause. Additionally, if the ground is disrupted or plants are smashed, they will have time to repair and rebuild during the spring. 

It’s Easier to Deal with the Process

Installing a patio or building a custom hardscape is well worth the effort, but it is a large undertaking. Construction can take time, and you’ll have a variety of machines, uprooted land, and workers on your property. This can make being in your yard pretty much impossible—and since we live in the Midwest, where taking advantage of good weather when it comes is important, you may not want to sacrifice your yard time during spring and summer months. 

Have your patio built in winter, when friends, family, kids, and pets are less likely to want to be outside. This way, you can still enjoy being outdoors and have your new yard ready for next year. 

Timing Is Everything 

When winter ends and spring emerges, it’s like a veil is lifted. We no longer have to stay indoors and endure harsh temperatures and bitter blizzards. The last thing most of us want to do is stay inside because our yards are under construction. 

When you have your patio or hardscapes installed over the colder months, you set your and your family up to use your new backyard as soon as winter ends and spring begins. If you time your project right, you can be done with construction when the weather is still too cold for outdoor activities and be ready to enjoy your new space when it warms up. 

Same Save Green 

While this isn’t always true, many landscape and hardscape companies shift their pricing models in the winter when business drops. When scheduling projects during this time, you may not only save money, but also time. Spring and summer are usually the busiest times of year for our industry, therefore no matter the size of your project, you may have to wait before starting. In winter, when workloads are lighter, the wait is much shorter, if it all, and the prices can’t be beat. 

Legalize It

Before building your new patio or hardscape, most neighborhoods and cities require you to get a permit approval for your project. But when springtime comes, you won’t be the only person who wants to build. This can cause long wait times for your permit approval. However, in the winter, when action has subsided and more people are waiting until the warmer months to start projects, you’ll have no trouble getting your permit approved in a timely manner. 

Give us a call to schedule a winter time build to get your yard ready for next spring.