How to Create Winter Wonderland in Your Backyard

‘Tis the season for hot cups of cocoa, lights around the fireplace, a special someone making a trip down the chimney, and all the holiday cheer you can handle. This year, go the extra mile and transform your hardscape into your own personal holiday dreamscape for the most wonderful time of the year. Here’s how you can create a winter wonderland for family and friends to enjoy throughout the season. 

Illuminate the holiday spirit 

Lights are a beautiful addition to your hardscape in any season, but when it comes to the holidays, they are the perfect way to add enchantment to your yard. Place faux candles around the points of your patio to cast playful shadows and light throughout the night. Add red and green, or blue and white lights to your patio roof or pergola for a holiday boost and a fun way to make your hardscape a gathering place on warmer winter evenings. 

Chestnuts Roasting… 

On an open fire is a traditionally cheerful way to gather during the holidays. Get a firepit for your patio, or, if you have one installed into your hardscape, create a setup for guests to gather around the fire, roast your favorite holiday treats, and enjoy the jolliest time of year. 

Add a little more decor

Your hardscape, believe it or not, is an ideal canvas to create a custom holiday scene that you can build easily and exactly the way you want. With all your summer gear tucked away, you now have the space and the bones to build a wonderland for your family. Add greenery and holly to pergolas or patio roofs, set out small pines around the proximity of your patio, blow up snow globes and snowmen can add a fun, playful touch for kids, install or build your own ice sculptures—the possibilities are endless. 

Additionally, we know Midwest weather is unpredictable, so in case it doesn’t snow, you can spray faux snow in an array of colors, textures, and settings (sparkles, glitter, shimmer). 

Share the love

Want to make decor that is not only beautiful, but serves a purpose for the greater good? Frozen ornaments are a fun way to decorate your yard, engage your family’s imagination, and feed the wildlife in your area. Choose fruits, nuts, and other foods safe for birds, squirrels, and other small visitors to your yard, put them in a freezer mold of any shape, add water, freeze and you can create edible, environmentally friendly holiday decor. 

Beyond snow

Snowmen are fun to make, fun to decorate, and not so fun to watch melt and make a mess all over the yard. Opt for greenery “snowmen” as a decorative, colorful, and sustainable option. You can use fresh wreaths or for reusable decor, go with faux wreaths that will last for many seasons to come. 

The best part about making your patio or hardscape into a winter wonderland is that it is completely up to you and your tastes, styles, and imagination. Don’t let the cold weather discourage you from continuing to use your yard for