10 Outdoor Living Space Design Trends You’ll see in 2021

With another new year comes another round of fun, beautiful, and unique design trends to make ordinary outdoor spaces all your own. Whether you’re looking for some privacy with a touch of nature, or want to give your kids a unique place to play, these 10 trends will give you ample inspiration to create your custom outdoor space in 2021.

Bring the Indoors Out

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than bringing indoor experiences outside. From cooking to dining to cocktail hours and coffee bars, 2021 is going to see a surge of outdoor spaces that mimic what we do inside. If you’re looking to amp up your outdoor space, kitchenettes can be installed so you can make breakfast in the sun or grill and saute at the same time. 

If an entire kitchen is too much, outdoor bars, table settings, and stone pizza ovens are also on the list of things to watch for in 2021. Whatever your preference, this year is the time to create your ideal indoor space with a major twist.

A Place for Privacy 

Privacy fences are nothing new, but creative privacy spaces are getting some beautiful additions in 2021. Designers are suggesting creating a private realm in your yard where you can engage in relaxing, calming activities. Create a space for you and your family to unwind and escape from the burdens that come with everyday life. 

Build a small platform in a secluded corner of your yard for yoga and meditation. Plants vines and plants with crowns around your fence to create a natural barrier so you have a lush place to unwind. Install a small pond or water system to provide calming sounds and a place to sit and read. Hang hammocks in the corners of your yard and build walls with tall plants that can encompass them giving you seclusion when you want it. 

Privacy in 2021 is going to look more creative, more designed, and more inspiring. Let your imagination run wild and build yourself a backyard you won’t want to leave.

Relaxation Areas That Pop

Bring the feeling of vacation to your home with a unique hardscape that harkens back to times of pure relaxation and decompression. 2021 is most likely going to be another year where staying home is king, so why not make a place that makes you feel like you’re exploring the world from the comfort of your yard. 

Choose an area of your yard and create a dreamscape to go to when you want some peace. Stone fire pits built from natural materials with handmade wooden benches and planks can bring the West to the Midwest. Add unique fixtures surrounding the area, like faux bone chandeliers or old fashioned lanterns. If you’re looking for shade, find umbrellas that go beyond the norm and create an experience for you and your family. 

We’ll be seeing a variety of styles, from elegant to rustic to a little weird in 2021.

Make the Norm New

Gardens and hardscapes are filled with normal structures: bird baths, patios, herb gardens, garden boxes. Instead of leaving these as they are, add some whimsy and creativity to your yard by making these run-of-the-mill yard items into dreamy creations. Wrap vines around your bird baths or find sculptures that add some edge and can double as a bird sanctuary. Transform compost boxes or containers into works of art by making them into mini greenhouses. Take old doors, window frames, or tiles and build a unique structure you can grow plants around to update the old and make it feel new again. 

2021 will be all about repurposing vintage items to create truly unique spaces for your yard. 

A Place to Play

Have your kids been begging for a play place in your yard? Have you been hesitant because the brightly colored plastic versions you see in other yards just are not appealing? 2021 is your year. Instead of buying pre made playhouses that are eyesores, build your kids their very own stylish, safe, and secure space. 

Treehouses and play places built with beautiful wood, stylish shapes, and activities like sandpits and chalkboard walls will be popping up in neighborhoods everywhere. 2021 is breaking the traditional Fisher’s Price style play places and encouraging families to design their own space with everything kids want in a style adults will adore.

Bring Adventures Home 

Maybe a trip to India or Costa Rica or Italy isn’t in the cards for your family, and considering Covid is still going strong, it’s unlikely many of us will be traveling to far away lands any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a place you’re dying to visit right in your own yard. 

2021 is all about bringing exotic, tropical, or sophisticated styles to your yard. Choosing an area of your yard to build a patio and decorate a space mimicking your favorite destination is a fun way to give your yard a place to gather that feels like you’re far away. Research the designs and styles of your place of choice, find statues, furnishing, tables, rugs, and plants to create the beauty of the world. Banana trees, birds of paradise, geometric patterned rugs, bright chairs and tables all can come together to create a tropical paradise you can see from your kitchen window. 

Pet Paradise 

Pets are an important part of life. We love them like family and are always looking to give them the best, most enjoyable lives. 2021 will see intricate creations for pets incorporated into hardscapes. From dog houses made of stone or lush wood and modern colors to cat playscapes built into the yard, creating a space just for pets is going to be a large part of hardscape designs.


Long have detailed garden designs and intricate hardscapes with strict patterns and exact measurements dominated outdoor spaces. 2021 is going to break these habits down and promote opting for a more natural and unexpected yardscape. Gardens will switch up perfect roses, gardenias, and bright florals for dry seeded grasses, tall, wispy cat tails, thorns, and natural lavender growing freely. 

Exact brick patterns and pavers will transition into more natural, uneven and realistic looking stone. Letting go over overdone, overrefined hardscapes and gardens will be seen as gardens and landscapes become more natural and focused on growth and simplicity.


Now more than ever, we need calm in our lives. Minimal hardscape designs are going to be everywhere in 2021, giving families zen spaces to unwind. Clean, sharp lines, stones instead of grass, wooden planks for tables and chairs, clean, crisp evergreens and shrubs are all going to be part of breaking down the clutter of hardscapes of the past and replacing them with simple, smart designs. 

Greenery adorning privacy fences that are neatly shaped, whites, blacks, charcoals, creams, and greys will guide color palettes, and wide, open spaces are going to be key. 

Scandanavian Style 

Similar to minimalist style, Scandanavian style appreciates and uses the natural beauty of the outdoors paired with simple, clean cut designs with pops of color against more neutral hues. Think simple black benches and tables with tiffany blue chairs. Bone-colored couches with a coral accent table and whitish pavers. 

Remember, when it comes to your hardscape design, you make the calls. And if you need help, call us! We’ll be there to help build the perfect outdoor living space for 2021 and beyond.