Outdoor Living Space Trends to Watch in 2021

Out with the old, in with the new! 2020 was the year—well, let’s just forget about 2020 and focus on 2021. When it comes to outdoor spaces, this year, throw out all the rules and make your own. If you’ve had a creative dream for your yard but weren’t sure if it was “on trend” or sustainable, now is the time to shatter those hesitations and start planning for the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. 

2021 will be a year where trends blend together, giving the homeowner ultimate power to decide everything from styles, materials, and design. If you know you want to redo your space but aren’t quite sure what direction you want to go in, here are a few trends that can help boost your creativity and secure your plans. 

Mixed mediums 

Gone are the days where you have to stick to one material throughout your hardscape. Mixing materials can build texture, create a lively look and feel to your space, and allow you to flex your imagination to build something truly unique. 

Dark woods with natural colored cements can add dimension and minimalist tones to your yard, while mixing brick with cobblestone can harken back to more vintage styles with a twist. To build dimension and create a design you won’t find anywhere else, let your imagination run wild with the materials available to you for outdoor spaces. Smooth patio surfaces with rocky, natural inspired walls or flagstone patios surrounded by cement walls can allow you to mix and match your ideas. The only rule is, there really aren’t any. 

Intricate pathways 

If you have a larger yard, the other thing better than a comfortable, livable outdoor space is having a beautiful walkway to get there. This year, we’ll see creative pathways sprouting up across yards from coast to coast. From winding to straight shots, stone to brick, elegant pathways adorned with shrubs and flowers add elegance and intrigue to any outdoor space.

But don’t just look out for pathways, but also hallways. Yes, that’s right. Hallways that lead from patios to courtyards to gardens are going to be huge this year. They add a modern design element to any yard and up the ante on creative, one-of-a-kind spaces. Natural stone in an array of colors gives these “hallways” a calming and peaceful look, while adding vines and greenery to grow up and around them provides an ethereal, timeless appeal. 

Outdoor bars 

Outdoor kitchens are nothing new, but opting for opulent dry and wet bars are going to reign supreme in 2021. In a time when we’ve had to shift hosting abilities from indoors to predominantly outdoors, having a bar outside makes safely hosting gatherings simple. Keep snacks in mini fridges that can be seamlessly installed and build a bar that matches your personal style and taste. 

Are you a wine lover? You can design an outdoor bar with a wine cabinet that keeps bottles at ideal temperatures and keeps glassware clean and safe with custom cabinets. More of a beer fan? Design a bar with hidden kegs of your favorite brew and chilled glasses for a finishing touch. Cocktail adventurer? You can mimic the look of your favorite lounge and bring its beauty to the great outdoors of your yard. 

From rustic, wood looks to shimmery granite countertops, the bar you’ve always wanted can become a reality in 2021. 

All the colors 

If you have been vying for a patio, pergola, terrace, or furniture that are bright and colorful, now is your chance to act on that wish. Bold colors will be seen everywhere this year. From cobalt blues to burnt orange to emerald greens and deep reds, color is not just for indoors anymore. Whether you want to go bold with accent colors or you want your veranda to pop, infusing color into your outdoor space can instantly add positive effects to your space. 

Ultra modern 

Wonder what it will look like in the future? You can take a guess and create what’s in your mind with your hardscape. Futuristic, highly minimal designs are going to gain momentum in 2021. From stark, sharp shapes to almost strange, sculpture-like structures, the more moden, the better this year. 

Perfectly square fire pits paired with square chairs and end tables. Circular tables with egg-shaped hanging chairs. Triangular, tilted benches with contrasting soft chairs—basically 2021 will be bringing the home from Beetlejuice to real life. 


Think tiki style but made for the modern home. Rattan comes from a palm-like vine that is weaved together to form sturdy furniture. You can adorn your hardscape in everything from rattan chairs and tables, to light fixtures, lamps, and benches. It’s light and airy feel creates calming spaces and it pairs beautifully with flowers, vines, trees, and shrubs, giving your patio a tropical vibe. Rattan is also on trend, so it’s easy to find and work with. 

This year, lean into your creative side and express your inner decorator. Your outdoor space can be almost anything you’d like, from eclectic, bohemian to modern and simple.