5 Simple Ways to Update Your Hardscape

You know what they say: new year, new you. If you’re thinking of applying this concept to your hardscape, there are many things you can do to take your old outdoor space and spruce it up—and, not all of them involve demolition, major renovations, or thousands of dollars. 

Upgrade your patio 

Tired of your cement patio? Looking for a way to bring a little style and design to your yard? Using pavers is a simple solution to upgrading your plain patio and transforming it into a completely new hardscape. 

Pavers are easy to install, moderately priced, and come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, so you can build a custom look for your patio with ease. Concrete pavers can be placed on top of your existing patio and are installed like a puzzle—all the pieces fit together securing your new patio in place. Additionally, if any of the pieces become damaged or stained, they are easy to replace and won’t break the bank. 

If you’re looking for a classic style, clay pavers are a great, affordable option that are durable and will sustain their bold rustic red hues for years. These pavers look their best when installed over a base patio, so if you don’t currently have a patio poured but are looking to go with clay, it’s important to lay your base down before installation. 

Go natural 

Stone, such as flagstone, is a beautiful option for redoing your hardscape floor. Because stone is completely natural, the shapes of each piece vary in size, shape, and color, giving you a customized look. However, stone is much heavier and much more difficult to install than simple pavers. You’ll need to be prepared to do some heavy lifting and take your time with installation so your patio is completely covered and there are no gaps. 

Already happy with your patio? You can use stone to build custom fire pits for a beautiful, cozy gathering place, giving your patio a unique and natural-inspired update. From flat sheet rock, to flagstone, to a more bulbous boulder look, stone comes in so many varying styles, you can find exactly what will work with what you have. 

Add Additional Seating

No, we don’t mean buying a few lawn chairs and tossing them on your patio, there’s a bit more to it than that. Your outdoor space is where you gather and spend time with loved ones, so it’s important that no matter how many people you have over, everyone has a comfy, cozy place to plant themselves. 

If you’re a fan of having multiple options, investing in outdoor, weather durable seating is an easy option. From lounge chairs, to love seats, to benches, you can design your own outdoor setting and tailor it for the types of get-togethers you usually have. This option allows you to rearrange your space any time you’d like. 

However, if you’re interested in adding more permanent seating, building custom benches from hardscape materials, like stone, brick, and cement, are a creative way to always have an extra place for friends and family on your patio. Adding weather-safe cushions ensures comfort, and you can add removable seating around these structures when needed. 

Having trouble finding the right type of seating for your family? We can help you design and discover the perfect layout, materials, and style to fit your lifestyle. 

Change colors 

Want to make a change but also want to do little work? A simple way to make a statement without a ton of commitment is to stain your existing patio. Whether you have wood or concrete, there are stains made for these materials so you can layer them on to take your aptio from light to dark, creamy to rich within a day. 

Beyond just the color, you can also use stencils, outlines, and painters tape to create custom patterns and designs, highlighting your old patio color with new contrasting hues. 

Brighten things up 

To fully enjoy your outdoor space when the sky gets dark, having the right amount of light and the right fixtures are important. A sconce light on the exterior of your home is likely not enough to allow you to comfortably eat dinner outdoors or host a gathering. But with a little design work and imagination, you can make your outdoor space glow. 

Rope lights are one easy way to illuminate your patio. They’re weather resistant, come neatly packed in a clear tube, and can be placed almost anywhere you’d like a little light. Underneath stairs, along pathways, under a pergola or overhang—anywhere you’d like to add some ambiance. 

If you’re looking for something more unique, you can install light fixtures inside gazebos, pergolas, or any overhead structures you may have. 

There are many ways to update your hardscape space, some simple, some more complex. We’re happy to help you with any design choice you make, ensuring you get the outdoor living space of your dreams.