Fun Ways to Decorate Your Hardscape for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air—the cold, crisp air. Lighten things up this February and celebrate the glitz and glamour of Valentine’s Day with some of these easy, and lovely, decor ideas. 


Beyond being necessary to see, lights are one of the simplest, most delicate and delightful decorations for any holiday, including V-Day. Outline your patio in red, pink, and white lights, or choose a pale pink hue for subtle touch. Replace regular outdoor scones with pink lights, red lights, or both to cast colorful shadows come nightfall. If you have outdoor kitchens, bars, or pergolas, adorn them with bright lights or add shadowbox images to cast fun heart shapes across your yard. 

Patio Paints and Chalks 

Get the whole family involved in decorating for Valentine’s with washable patio paint. Available at most craft stores, you can bundle up and have some family fun painting shapes, cupids, hearts—even the entire patio pink if you’d like. And the best part is your holiday decor is gone with a quick spray of the hose. 

If you’re a little untrustworthy of washable paints (we’ve all heard the horror stories), sidewalk chalk provides just as much fun and creativity without the fear of sticking to your patio. 


Most real flowers aren’t able to survive the cold of a Midwest February, however, there are a few that are tougher than they look. If you want to add some pretty finishing touches to your patio for Valentine’s, look for wintergreen boxwood, pansies, Coral Bells, Siberian Irises, and Lily-of-the-Valley. These beautiful, but strong, flowers can sustain cold weather, and will add a soft, simple touch to your holiday decor. 

Just be careful if you have small children or curious pets. Lily-of-the-valley are poisonous and can cause severe medical issues, even death, if ingested. 


While it may be one of the most hated craft materials, glitter really does add an enchanting sparkle to anything it’s on—including your yard. However, it’s understandable that most homeowners won’t be included to douse their plants, patios, and furniture with glitter that will linger until next Spring, so the best choice is to purchase small plants, like mini pines, and buy spray glitter to create a shimmery touch to greenery. 

Glitter spray comes in all colors, so you can find red, pink, and silver shades specifically for Valentine’s Day, and if you aren’t afraid of long-term glitz, glitter spray works well on pottery, so you can create planters that shine all year round. 

No matter your style, subtle or a full-blown Valentine wonderland, your hardscape can be your canvas this year.