5 Beautiful Hardscape Additions to Add This Spring

With the ground thawing and the days getting brighter and longer, spring is an ideal time to take all the ideas you’ve had about your yard and make them a reality. If you know exactly what you want to do with your yard, give us a call to schedule an appointment for an estimate. But, if you’re unsure what you’d like to add to make your outdoor space feel more inviting, exciting, and comfortable, take a look at these five inspirational ideas. 

Build a Unique Patio Space

Patios have traditionally been stone pavers that extend from the back of your home into the yard. They have a table and chairs or lounge chairs and a grill. But outdoor spaces have become so much more than that. If you’re looking to optimize your space and create something that you will not only love, but use often, go the less traditional route. 

Make your patio a stage for activities and engagements. Instead of building a patio from your home, if space allows, build one further out in your yard. It can be a wood platform patio, a stone or brick oasis, or even cement. You can add a dining area, a projection screen for movies so you have your very own outdoor theatre, a grill and outdoor kitchen space or wet bar for entertaining, or even a row or two of lounge chairs for space to safely (remember sunscreen!) catch some rays during warm days. 

Whatever it is you like to do in your free time—from hosting gatherings to reading to taking cozy naps, you can create a patio that is equipped for any activity. 

Throw Some Shade 

No matter where your patio is in your yard, it’s always nice to have a shaded space to retreat to on hot summer days. However, just adding an umbrella over your table isn’t always the most functional. What happens when you want to relax and stretch out in the shade? Or maybe you’d like to shield you and your family from UV rays in a bigger way. This is where oversized overhangs can be used. 

These on trend additions not only give you ample shade, but a stylish, sleek look. Coming in an array of colors and materials, you can choose light, airy overhangs that attach to your roof and spread out over a selected space and are secured with a pole. Or, you can opt for massive umbrellas that act like awnings. 

If you’re looking for a more natural way to add shade to your space, consider installing a pergola and adding climber vines across the top. These vines thrive when they can expand and grow up and around, so in time, they will cover the top of your pergola, providing you with shade and and eco-friendly, beautiful overhang. 

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits have come a long way from being small, metal contraptions you can just heave into your yard. Whatever style you’d be looking to achieve, a fire pit can help elevate that look. From long, simple lines, to intricate stonework, fire pits can be bought or built in any style you want, and you can choose from manual or gas powered pits. If you want to keep things clean and sleek, choose an electric or gas powered pit that has clean lines and a modern design. If you’d like to give your yard a natural feel, build a stone or rock pit that emulates the natural flow of the great outdoors. 

Light Things Up

Lights can go a long way to make your outdoor space look fantastic and illuminate all the beautiful work you’ve done. String lights, spotlights, colored lights, candle lights—even chandelier lights, if you have a pergola or patio with a roof and an electrical connection, can add enchantment to your yard. 

Make Your Yard a Retreat 

We only have so much lovely weather in the midwest—make your yard a place you can take advantage of the best months with cozy, comfortable nooks. Large, oversized swings with cushions and pillows galore are not only functional, but look magical in any yard. 

Hanging egg chairs, oversized, colorful hammocks, and creative shapes provide the function and comfort you want, with style that can’t be beat.