5 Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Pool Deck

Ahhh, hot summer days and warm nights are so close we can feel the humidity in the air. Pool season is upon us—is your yard ready for the unveiling? 

Pools are the pride of Midwest summers. A place to gather, cool off, exercise, and relax. But they are also a huge part of your yard, which makes them either a beautiful addition or a liquid eyesore. Follow these five tips to take your pool from nice to WOW before summer hits. 

Replace Your Patio

Patios, whether they surround a pool or provide a base for furniture, are the foundation of your hardscape. If you’ve sunk money into installing an inground pool, make sure the patio around it elevates your area. Patio pavers, cement, concrete, or even treated wood will wear out over time. If your patio has seen better days, this is the perfect time to tear it up and install a brand new pool patio that matches your ideal taste and style. 

The materials used to build pool patios range from brick to natural stone to concrete, pavers, and even custom materials that are water resistant. You have ample choices of materials, so if you need design assistance, we can help you create a look and feel that fits your pool. This is also a great time to expand your patio if you feel it needs to be bigger. You can open up your pool area, add unique patio patterns and designs, and create a custom poolscape that will last for years to come. 

Change Up Your Coping 

The coping of your pool is the space around the pool’s perimeter between the water and the patio deck. It’s likely the place of your hardscape that gets the wear, as well. People sitting on the edge, pulling themselves up, setting down beverages and coolers will all eventually contribute to corrosion of coping. It won’t happen fast, and it usually doesn’t mean there is any damage to your structure, however, it may start to discolor, look haggard, and a little off from the rest of your patio. 

Replacing coping to add a fresh look, new design, fun color of stone or brick, is a great way to update your pool area without a complete overhaul. And, if you have an older inground pool that is made with scratchy, rough cement, you’ll be able to choose a material that’s has the same non-slip power without the ouch. 

Add an Overhang 

If you really want to shake things up and transform your pool deck into an enclosed paradise, you can hire a professional team to design and construct an overhang that will completely transform your pool. From glass enclosures that make it feel like you’re swimming in a greenhouse in Greece to pergola-type structures that are open, yet provide extra feelings of privacy and design, you can customize your overhang to be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. 

Add Tile

If you like colors and patterns, tile may be the best way for you to update your pool deck and add a ton of personality. You can incorporate tile within your pool deck scheme, adding fun, playful patterns between brick or stone. You can build an elevated coping that is adorned in tile to accent your pool’s shape. The only hindrance you have to consider is ensuring whenever you put your tile it won’t make the deck of your pool unsafe. For example, a deck made entirely of tile is a bad idea considering the material gets slick when wet. 

Go Big

You’ve probably noticed that many pool decks and patios are made of smaller, stacked designs of brick, pavers, plain concrete or cement, or a hexagonal pattern of small to medium-sized stones. But if you want to upgrade your deck and make it a statement piece to your pool, go big—really big. Big natural stones or extra-large pavers can add a cool, contemporary look to your patio, and they are not as tedious to install (that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easier, though, so it’s best to call in the professionals). 

Whether your pool deck is outdated, worn out, or you just feel you need a fun, new design, these five options are just the start to all the ways you can create your dream pool area. Got ideas, thoughts, or even designs mapped out? Let us know! We’ll help you do the dirty work.