Now Offering: the Louvered Porch

Pergolas, screened-in porches, and brightcovers can all keep you shady and dry when you want to hang outside during the warmer months, but there is another option you may not know about. The louvered porch. It can keep you shady and dry when it rains, but here’s the best part: it can also open the roof to let in fresh air and sunshine when you want it. A louvered porch gives you total control over the atmosphere of your backyard, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space. 

The Basics

A louvered porch is like a brightcover or a pergola, but it allows you to decide (and change) whether or not you want to open up the panels on the “ceiling” if you will. It can also be attached to your house or freestanding. Louvered porches work well with both patios and decks. Cutting Edge Hardscapes can install it for you with basically any outdoor setup you have. (Call us today for a free consultation, if you’re interested.) 

The Benefits 

A louvered porch would be a great investment for those in the Indianapolis area. A louvered porch gives you the ability to hang out outside while it’s raining during the mild spring months, while also blocking the sun during the hottest months of the year. By being able to decide if your porch roof is open or closed, you have total control of when or how you enjoy your backyard, adding a few more months to the year that you can use it. 

Second, it looks great. By being designed to look like a pergola, your backyard will be transformed by adding a louvered porch. It is much prettier and interesting than just adding a typical roof overhang above your existing patio or deck. 

Third, louvered porches are more durable than a retractable option and are stronger than wooden pergolas. You get the benefits of being able to control the roof, while also having immense durability. The only thing more durable than a louvered porch is an actual roof overhang, which would be a pricier, larger project (and it would block all that sunshine we are trying to get in).

As outdoor living keeps coming to the forefront of our lives, consider adding a louvered porch to your little piece of Indianapolis. Having control over the amount of airflow, sunshine, and the elements onto your patio or porch will allow you to completely enjoy your space—and make it your own! If you’d like to discuss adding a louvered porch to your home, call or email us anytime for a free consultation.