Can the sun warp or discolor your patio?

If you’ve had a patio for many years, you know how much enjoyment they can bring to your family. The perfect patio is a great way to welcome your loved ones into your backyard, and provide a sophisticated, natural feeling thanks to the high-end stone products used in their construction.

But just like those sunny days on the patio call for sun safety for your skin, it also calls for a bit of caution for your patio. Many patio owners ask us about potential warping or discoloration from sun damage, and here we’ve compiled definitive answers to those questions. 

Can the sun warp my deck?

We all know the feeling of walking on a wooden deck that’s been warped by the sun. The extreme heat and constant exposure to UV rays can really cause serious damage to wood when it’s not properly maintained. The result is shrinking and warping of the wood grain, which leaves a painful, uneven surface for bare feet to walk over.

When it comes to patios, it’s a similar story depending on how your patio is built. Concrete is susceptible to damage from the sun, and you might notice cracks beginning to form in your concrete patio. In some cases, applying a bit of sealant yourself can patch the problem up — but that’s just putting a bandage over the wound. You might end up with an uneven surface that’s uncomfortable to walk across at best, and unsafe at worst.

At Cutting Edge, we only build decks using high-quality paving stones that are 2-3 times stronger than standard concrete. And unlike concrete, paving stones are guaranteed against cracking or breaking. Once installed, they’re virtually maintenance free and perfect for a patio with a long, healthy life.

Can the sun discolor my paver patio?

Another common question we get is about the sun discoloring patios. It makes a lot of sense — after all, anybody who’s purchased patio furniture knows that even the most vibrant fabrics fade after daily exposure to the sun.

So what about patios themselves? It’s rare, but even paving stone patios can show signs of discoloration after years of exposure. UV radiation can fade any material with pigmentation, and stone pavers are no exception.

If you’re concerned about strong sunlight affecting the color of your patio, Cutting Edge can help. We can put your patio on a maintenance schedule that includes yearly sealing. Sealing can protect your patio from unsightly fading, so the colors you chose remain just as vibrant as the day your patio was installed.

With professional assistance from Cutting Edge, your patio can remain a safe and great-looking addition to your outdoor space, even with daily exposure to the hot Indiana summer sun. If you’d like to have our experts assess your patio, give us a call. We offer free estimates and can help you understand how to keep your patio in great shape all summer long.