Driveways and Walkways — Welcome Your Guests In Style

Nothing says “welcome” better than a well-designed driveway filled with high-quality bricks, stone or pavers. With the right driveway, your home can be just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside — the trick is picking the right materials.

Cutting Edge works with high-quality brick and stone materials that complement your home’s style. Plus, they’re durable and can withstand any season, from the hottest Hoosier summers to the most frigid winters. Here are some examples of stunning driveway and walkway projects that we think you’ll love! 

Take the “wow” factor outside. The devil is in the details, and we look at each driveway down to the pebble level of precision. For this project, we chose a rustic courtyard look to complement the home’s classic architecture and water feature. Our client was used to guests saying “wow” when they entered their home — but now the “wow” comes as soon as they pull up the driveway!

Think of your driveway as your welcome mat for guests, or future potential buyers. If first impressions are everything, your driveway is the very first opportunity to knock someone’s socks off.

Walkways the right way. The right walkway can really tie a yard together, and the opportunities for creativity are endless. Maybe a simple paver could link two sections of your outdoor space together. Or perhaps a beautiful, two-tiered waterfall approach could lead guests gracefully onto your patio.

If you have a love for entertaining and hosting, the guest experience truly begins with your driveway and walkway. Cutting Edge can help you invite your guests into your home in style, and we can make it happen this summer! Give us a call and we’ll build a “welcome mat” that does your home proud.